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Landscaping-Gardening Trees are integral part of our life. They not only add beauty to our landscape but also provide shelter during a bad weather. They help in keeping our environment safe by absorbing odor and pollutant gases like sulfur dioxide, ammonia, ozone and gives out oxygen. Trees are home to various species like birds, bees, possums and squirrels. They also provide food for humans in the form of fruits and nuts and also for birds and wildlife. If the trees are healthy, they will benefit us more. So, keeping in mind all these benefits you should get guidance from tree care specialists that you can utilize. Find the right tree: You should select the right tree and plant it in the right place. When you are planting trees close to your home, you should plant short, deciduous trees so that they dont clash with utility lines. You should plant large trees in the southwest, Southeast and west directions that will help to provide a cool breeze in summers and wont .e in between the sunlight during winters. Make sure about the sun exposure in your area as it will greatly affect the growth of a tree. What to look for when buying a tree: The Tree care specialists will give you an advice on how to buy a right tree. The trunk should be properly tied and the plant doesnt have a broken ball instead should be firm. If you .e across any circling roots, it is advised to cut them and when you are planting a tree, there should be no basket or pot attached to it. When you have bought a good plant, you can now plant it by either taking guidance from tree care specialists or can do it on our own. Mulching: Trees should be mulched after it is planted. Mulching provides various benefits and help in taking care of your trees. If you mulch the trees, they will retain water which in turn keeps the roots moist. It helps in preventing soil .paction and decreases lawn mower damage. According to the size of the tree, grass should be removed within 3 to 10 foot area and mulch should be added to the base of the tree. But make sure that mulch doesnt reach the trunk of the tree. Watering trees: Due to different climatic conditions, the amount of watering trees differs in different regions. If you have planted trees just now, you should immediately water it. During the initial years of your trees, they try to get their roots established and you could help them by providing water which will make it easier for them to deal with the heat and drought. You should water trees well but over watering is not good. Know when to Prune: Getting guidance from tree care specialists that you can utilize is when to prune. During winters, pruning should be done to remove dead wood to give new growth in the spring. During the summers, it should only be carried out when the season growth is .plete. Pruning should be done in order to improve the quality of flowers and should not be carried out during the fall. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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