Trump appointed the far right as a strong opposition to the chief strategist-cagliari exchange

Trump appointed as chief strategist for the right-wing representatives from all walks of life are strongly opposed to the observer [network] comprehensive foreign media reported on the 14 time the United States, the United States President Trump announced by former right-wing media Bright Barth (Breitbart News) news executive chairman Steve Bannon (Stephen & middot; Bannon) served as White House chief strategist and senior a consultant, a civil rights organization, Democrats and some Republican strategists have condemned the decision and said Trump, Benny represented by populism and racism is the need to guard against the president. Benny nominated as White House chief strategist at Bloomberg BusinessWeek disclosure, before participating in the Trump campaign, Bright Bannon is executive chairman Bart’s news network, under his leadership, Bright’s news has become the "offbeat right-wing movement" (alt-right movement) of the leading media. The campaign against multiculturalism, maintaining "Western values", is often associated with white supremacist. It is understood that Benny had the news platform dedicated to publish some moderate, left-wing politicians condemned the remarks, in addition to women, feminism, supporters of political correctness supporters, Muslims, transgender verbal attacks. Peng Bo called him "the most dangerous politician in America."". Such a far right leader will be the White House’s new chief strategist, this news caused uproar in American society from all walks of life. According to New York Times, local time 14 days of messages, the Council on American Islamic relations (Council on American-Islamic Relations) said, "this office revealed a disturbing information, that is the anti Muslim conspiracy theory and white populism at the White House to welcome." This idea was supported by the Southern Poverty Law Center (Southern Poverty Law Center), which has been traced to the study of hate groups (hate groups). The group insisted that Trump should cancel the appointment". "In his victory speech, Trump has said he will be the president of all the people", "the organization said," you should leave ". The Republicans who opposed Trump warned Trump said, he will rely on this decision will suggest Benny, hinted that he was after the road. The famous Republican strategist Weaver (John Weaver) said, "racist, fascist right-wing extremism will enter the oval office. America needs to be vigilant." According to YAHOO News reported on 14, as early as during the presidential campaign, Republican candidate Hilary had sent a tweet, Trump and some of Bright Bart news release has inspired ideas and provoke unkind remarks together. Hilary said, "Trump Bright hired Bart news leaders for his campaign team executive chairman. This is how they work". However, some with Benny more close to the people to defend him. Trump campaign)相关的主题文章:

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