Two men with a pseudo base station across the province to send SMS fraud Jiaozuo was arrested masa-c

Two men carrying pseudo base station across four provinces send SMS fraud   was arrested in Jiaozuo – Henan channel — reporter Guo Changxiu correspondent Cheng Guizhong Yang Weichen Jiaozuo newspaper two men from Jiangxi Zhong Moumou, Lai Moumou, driving a rental car carrying pseudo base station equipment starting from Fujian Province, across four provinces, driving for more than and 10 days. A way of posing as agricultural bank customer service number sending false messages of fraud, not think in the territory of Jiaozuo County stumbled, cannot continue to do evil. Live in Jiangxi city of Ganzhou province at the age of 34, Zhong Moumou and 35 year old Lai Moumou are farmers, among them, Lai Moumou was found guilty of robbery, in May 9, 2005 by the Guangdong province Jieyang city Rongcheng District People’s court sentenced to three years imprisonment, fined 3000 yuan, released from prison in June 27, 2007. In March 6th this year, Zhong Moumou, Lai Moumou driving a rental Fujian DH179V white Citroen car, carrying pseudo base station equipment from Fujian province to Gansu Province, from Gansu province began by Shaanxi Province, Henan province and other places, the use of pseudo base station equipment as the agricultural bank customer service number sending false fraud sms. At 14:10 on March 21st this year, Zhong Moumou, Lai Moumou to reach the fraternity County, and sent a message of false fraud 70862, after being arrested by the police fraternity county. After investigation, a total of two people to send false fraud SMS 488024, October 11th, reporters from the county people’s court heard that the court made a ruling on the case. The court held that Zhong Moumou, Lai Moumou use pseudo base station equipment mass SMS fraud, particularly serious circumstances, have constituted a crime of fraud. Zhong Moumou, Lai Moumou in criminal activities in the implementation of fraud, due to reasons other than the will to succeed, attempted offense, be given a lighter punishment. According to the law, sentenced to ten years in prison, and fined $50000 and sentenced to Lai Moumou imprisonment in ten years and six months, and fined $50000. (Wang Pei, Yang Xiaona: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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