U.S. anchor twitch live wizard treasure can dream go brutally robbed-e3300

American broadcaster Twitch live "elf treasure dream GO" were robbed recently, one called "Rickeybot" Twitch game in the United States Central Park in New York live anchor "elf treasure (Pokemon GO) GO dream" was robbery, more embarrassed is that this scene was all the audience through the camera to see…… Do not know how the anchor was in the hearts of tension and acid. The United States Twitch anchor live "elf treasure dream GO" were robbery video, attackers near the victim from behind in the attention to live, and the Rickeybot will punch him down. At the same time, the mobile phone camera fell to the ground, Twitch audience heard a crash and groan. The attacker ordered the victim to "put things down."." Then Rickeybot kept asking each other, no no no, please do not grab my phone……". The United States Twitch anchor live "elf treasure dream GO" were robbed of mobile phone camera clearly recorded the suspects face a few seconds, appears to be a young man of 18 to 20 years old, wearing a camera flashlight or similar device. The video also shows that the suspect is a hand in the gesture to the victim, but can not see if he has weapons in his hand. After the video contains dark, shaking the screen, as well as the shortness of breath, which became the suspect fled evidence. At the same time, the Twitch screen screen is switched to the phone system settings, entered the initialization settings and delete all the content. The Twitch audience in the live under the message: "if the thief saw the news, we see your face, and you will soon go to jail." The United States Twitch anchor live "elf treasure GO" dream of the robbery was robbed shortly after, Rickeybot tweeted that the attack, also claimed that his Twitch account was temporarily closed for "violating the relevant provisions of Twitch". A Twitch representative said he could not answer the details of the victim’s account being closed, and said: "we do not comment on this." At the same time, Rickeybot’s Twitter account sends a message that his Twitch account is disabled for 24 hours and will be back soon. He said that the video has been submitted to the relevant agencies, his doctor did not find his chin was particularly serious injury. According to the New York police station on Monday morning, the morning report submitted a robbery. It is reported that he was carrying a total of three smartphones, were taken away by the suspects. Police report also pointed out that the victim has a small wound in the head, and the face has swollen up. Accident investigation is still in progress, so far no suspects arrested. (source: interface network editor: WB) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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