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U.S. media: Abe hopes India to win high iron strategic battle for the original title: America Media: Abe hopes India to win high iron battle strategy [global network reported] Bloomberg said in November 10th, in China and strategic competition in Japan, the battle is high iron one of the best ways to show strength in Asia countries. In Asian countries, India can provide the most opportunity. Reported that in November 11th, India’s prime minister Narendra modi? Will meet with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in Tokyo. Before this year, Mr modi chose Japan as a partner is responsible for the construction of India’s first high-speed rail. The high-speed rail link between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, equivalent to the distance from Paris to London, the total cost of about 980 billion rupees (about RMB 99 billion 843 million). Andouble hope, if India to carry out other railway construction plan, the railway will allow Japan to become a leader in the competition. Temple University (Temple University) Japan campus Asian Studies Director Geoff said: "Kingston? Between China and Japan" high iron war "in Asia is expanding influence of the war, more than just to get a business, profit is more important. Modi wants to provoke competition between the two countries, so as to benefit from India, but in terms of geopolitical strategy, the Modi administration is more inclined to move closer to the United States and japan." Reported that Asia’s two largest economy – between China and Japan, high-speed rail battle increasingly fierce. Last year, in Indonesia’s high-speed rail game, China won Japan; and for Singapore – Kuala Lumpur high-speed rail project, the two countries will launch a new confrontation. Japanese Prime Minister Izumi Yoshihito (Hiroto Izumi) has been responsible for negotiations with India on high-speed rail construction projects. He said that although Japan is willing to share with other countries a huge urban transport construction market, but for high-speed rail projects, Japan hopes to win the initiative. He believes that this will help Japan in India, Asia’s second largest country to gain a firm foothold, more than Japan’s main rival – china. He said in an interview, if Japan can complete the first plan, of course, we have the desire to win other high-speed rail projects in India. Although people can mix different urban traffic networks, I don’t think you can have different high-speed rail networks in one country." Internship compile: Ren Xiaojuan reviewer: Tan Liya) responsibility editor: Chen Yu SN225相关的主题文章:

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