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Uber opponent said that no one would buy private cars – Sohu technology Uber this week began testing unmanned vehicles in Pittsburgh after ten years, he and Lyft in the United States the largest competitors also expressed their views on transportation industry: future unmanned technology will make most people give up the car, causing third traffic revolution". Lyft President John Zimmer published a long article in the blog on the Medium platform, will be automatically driving cars and the technology of traffic changes into three parts. Images from LYFT 2017 belong to the first stage, Lyft users can call those who have a semi-automatic driving function of the car, but also only support some fixed route. The autopilot is the future "has become a Uber Lyft, this kind of travel startups do share a consensus, in January this year, Lyft and General Motors reached an agreement, the latter with $500 million for the Lyft 10% of the shares, the two sides along with the development of automatic driving vehicle. While the Uber is started to build a team from the end of 2014, hired from Carnegie Mellon, MIT and · Stanford University robotics and artificial intelligence expert, and acquired by two former Google automatic driving project leader to create automatic driving Truck Company Otto in July this year. Images from the LYFT to the second stage, the car can automatically drive navigation, but the maximum speed of only 25 miles per hour. However, with the development of technology and software, the speed of the car will be accelerated. And in the third phase, probably in 2022, 2021, all Lyft services will be completed by the automatic driving car. By that time, the number of private cars dropped significantly, we will travel through public transport, the car in the car to do their own thing, go out to become a service traffic. Zimmer even predicted that in 2025, private cars will disappear completely in the United states. Zimmer believes that most American city is around the design of car travel: "if you consider the ground transportation, will find the car has 96% of the time for rest, it is too terrible…… It takes up a lot of urban infrastructure." Here that still is the efficiency of resource utilization, in order to design the car park, road, parking lot, or even because of air pollution, a large number of cars in traffic jam caused by running time, waste of money has actually can be improved. In this regard, Lyft think more than the application of the model is a subscription: "imagine, you can pay the same as Spotify or Netflix using the Lyft subscription service." Zimmer continue to describe in Bowen, people can travel in accordance with their needs, Lyft in the provision of uniform standards of travel service s相关的主题文章:

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