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UFC204 review: Bisping revenge Henderson regrets Bisping defeated Henderson by unanimous decision I successfully defending UFC China news UFC204 has been held in England Manchester in Beijing on October 9th. The main event in the headlines of the tournament, Michael Bisping (Michael Bisping) by unanimous decision against Dan Henderson (Dan Henderson), successfully defending the middleweight title. At the same time veteran Henderson also completed his retirement. The headlines in the main event, Michael Bisping (Michael Bisping) VS Dan Henderson (Dan Henderson) middleweight champion two times and played five full rounds. The first two rounds Henderson twice knocked out Bisping, once almost the end of victory. But the last 10 minutes before the disaster, Bisping fitness advantage began to show, through precise hitting gradually established advantages, and continuously win three rounds down. The final Bisping unanimous decision to successfully defend the middleweight title, but Henderson is very sorry to UFC failed to become a champion in the retired race. United in the main event, Vito Belfort (Vitor Belfort) VS gigar de mocas middleweight showdown is ranked. Two people played in the first round and did not like the previous Vito well-matched in strength, that come in onslaught, which makes some scenes boring. The second round, physical decline Vito played more conservative, mocas to seize the opportunity to hit consecutive opponents on the edge of the cage. Vito was lying on the ground mocas got riding, lost the ability to resist in the event of continuous strike after the referee stopped the match. The light heavyweight match between Owens St. Jimmy Lu VS – manu watt is a well-matched in strength contest, the performance of the two be roughly the same in the first round, although Manuel successfully resorted to the guillotine tile, but not the end of the lu. The second leg standing combat advantage began to Manuel watt power play, continuous beating and make the elbow turn Lu retreat. In the end of the round, Manuel tile a blow will su Lu down, although the latter immediately stood up, but then again knocked down heavy Manuel watts, and was KO. Height and arm length of Struve did not account for what is cheap at the beginning of the game, but Daniel is hit by frequent melee attack. The Middle West round Luffy throw down the opponent into the ground before gradually revealing the advantage. The second round began, Struve continued to ground tactics, their rich experience has helped him overcome again. In 2 minutes, he successfully ended Daniel twisted python, won a victory to surrender. Unbeaten in Russell and bettik Michaud – – Donne’s game show ground strong technological advantages, he began the game soon after the opponents of the ground war, and twice in the naked, ended half a minute before the surrender of Donne in the first round of success. After the war Betic’s occupation record refresh for 11 matches, the future worth looking forward to. Volume相关的主题文章:

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