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Unanimously praised the listing of the 13 day of civilization, the sales volume of 1 million players have been selected for the game industry, TOP4 can not be trusted, which includes civilized players said, the next round of sleep on the"! "6" is the line of civilization ushered in the new and old game player alike, the overseas authoritative game review site — Metacritic media for "comprehensive evaluation" 6 civilization up to 90 points. Good reputation brings good sales. Just a few days ago came the civilization 6 on-line sales of four days of news, according to STEAMSPY’s latest data show that since the official listing of the date of the deadline until today, 10 days, the game sales have exceeded the 1 million mark 21. For this achievement, the host game masterpiece "Tomb Raider" for the whole year. "6" sales exceeded 1 million "6" 6 civilization and civilization has also whipped up a whirlwind of new civilization in the gaming industry! After the news, the North American Gaming Club Team Liquid has signed a "civilized" of the occupation player MrGameTheory 6, became the first to establish the project division club. Although there are already more and more professional players to join the civilization 6, the game, but this game is also very good for new players. First of all, a picture of the game compared to before the realistic style more affinity, at the same time, "civilization 6" tutorial than before has greatly improved, for the novice game player who want to quickly get the advanced is no longer difficult. Civilization in the 6 game intentions is everywhere, such as the game BGM, national musical instruments in various countries one by one to play, and after the regime change or enter an era, BGM will change as time changes, the absolute conscience. Of course, there are many playing game player given dozens of hours of advice, in the game, game player must pay attention to add this new film in the Eureka plus property, built at the same time not over indulge in miracles. There are too many miracles, so be careful! Civilization 6 this new work, players will face a new regional planning rules, so that the construction and the miracle will be presented separately. All functional areas have their own more appropriate or specific construction sites, while some adjacent areas will be connected after the emergence of higher yields. The new screen rendering, "6" less molimen civilization gap in different buildings and the sense, let each building in lattices behave more full of tension, with day and night together, so the whole picture suddenly alive. The game also needs to pay attention to the livability of the players, if the livability is too low, the system will be good to remind you that there may be a peasant uprising will occur in your civilization. Chinese voice game full let experience a big game player level, and Chinese simplified and traditional Chinese voice or even different voice (two different accents), enough to see the intentions of making group. Of course, this new civilization 6 in the end how fun, the next round of magic in the end how strong and desire.相关的主题文章:

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