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The capital of winter tourism practitioners to how strong the inverse – Sohu in recent years, tourism, tourism financial boom, but tourism has grad situation, how to look at this upsurge? In fact, out of this circle view of tourism will be more clear. In 2013 to enter the tourism finance flattering finance CEO Ma Hongliang began to provide financial services to the business charter, all the way to achieve the tourism financial services the whole industry chain leading position, in accepting the travel magazine, look back at the recent hot tourism financial development, and the development of the tourism industry, Ma Hongliang can not help feeling: do Tourism Financial if you can’t let the industry chain to form a complete set of solutions in the financial risk is very large, and keep up with the development of the market changes and trends in the industry is the first, in providing financial services for the tourism industry and the field of travel, more emphasis on the combination of praise". The financial capital market praise CEO Ma Hongliang winter more fancy "innovation" brings opportunities from Ctrip listed, the tourism industry become the darling of the investment community, in a lot of hot money into the case, a story can get the money, try a variety of modes of innovation, but from the beginning of last year, the tourism industry of the people feel the winter capital invasion, VC in the field of tourism investment tightening, and gradually return to the source, before entering capital indeed has spawned a large number of intermediary platform and intermediary tools, but to the main line of the intermediary platform and can not really change the travel experience, plus the intermediary platform is more cash flow and profitability limited, resulting in a lot of capital frustrated; offline travel agencies, the industry chain is long, the process will produce a large number of intermediate links and intermediate Costs, resulting in the entire industry to make money, this business model does not change the status quo of the tourism industry in nature, it is difficult to be recognized by the traditional capital market. So, the winter came. But Ma Hongliang believes that tourism should have a natural endogenous financial business, but with the traditional financial institutions do not match, because the traditional finance is to re balance, and the entire field of tourism, in addition to airlines, scenic spots, such as cruise ships, belonging to the service industry, itself is not what kind of assets, so according to the years of exploration and cultivation. Tourism in the financial field, that combination is represent the general trend. The tourism industry has a long industrial chain, only the depth of the coupling can make the traditional travel agencies to get enough funds, this kind of financial innovation based on the. The first is the right to income derived from the core of the financial products, such as now do travel agencies, hotels, scenic spots, cruise ships and other products are based on the right to income. The second is to expand the new category is around the tour, mainly from the core city car one or two hours of products. Why is it so optimistic about the surrounding tour, Ma Hongliang said, the surrounding tourism is not as big as traditional investment, but there is a repeat of the demand for every two or three years to carry out the renovation of the store. Basically, the money we gave him was reciprocal and provided him with money for a long time. So we are optimistic about the surrounding tour, and we have done a calculation: exit for everyone is likely to go out once a year, the surrounding tour may go out a dozen times a year. In addition.相关的主题文章:

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