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Utsunomiya, Japan Self-Defense Forces before the explosions died in October 24 Xinhua comprehensive report, local time on the morning of 23 August, Utsunomiya Ichiutsunomiya Japan Tochigi City Park explosion, a 72 year old former Japanese self defense forces killed in the incident, another three people were injured, two of them seriously. According to reports, the Japanese police have found the dead Kurihara Minsheng’s suicide note. The deceased home in Utsunomiya City, the morning also burned. Police are still investigating the cause of the incident. Utsunomiya City, about 100 km away from Tokyo, the incident in the near Utsunomiya Station City park. The time of the incident, the park also held the autumn festival, crowded, there are a lot of police guard to maintain order. Witnesses said the first explosion occurred at local time at 11 in the morning, came from the park near the parking lot, they saw the car caught fire. After a spate of around several explosions, a house roof was blown to wear. The first explosion shortly after the police see a charred body of a man in the park. Three injured, including a woman and a 14 year old student. It is understood that Japan in 2015 had a man in the Shinkansen train with gasoline bottle setting fire event. According to the "Sankei Shimbun" reported that a suicide note before the self-defense forces self Immolation boots, wrote a similar "to die" content. Japanese television reported that, as a result of such a series of bombings in Japan has not occurred, some Japanese feel that this could be a terrorist attack. "It was a terrorist attack," said a 55 year old woman near the parking lot…… After the first explosion came out, but also a continuous second, third loud noise, but also heard the sound of broken glass windows, etc.." According to Japanese media reports said before, Tochigi city and Utsunomiya city this year has repeatedly received some threats to the mail, blasting local public facilities.相关的主题文章:

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