Vice president of Argentina and local Chinese people celebrate New Year’s Eve-shdoclc.dll

Vice president of Argentina and local Chinese celebrate the new year (Photos) — international people’s network on January 30th, the annual "happy Spring Festival" celebration of Argentina, 30, in Buenos Aires National Park Square lively opening. The picture shows the Argentina vice president Michetti (right two) and Yang Wanming China ambassador to Argentina (right) before the start of the event for China Liuzhou dotting. (Martin Zabala) with the noisy gongs and drums, Argentina "happy Spring Festival" celebration 30 days in Buenos Aires lively opening. Vice President Miketi arrives in Argentina to wish the Chinese new year a happy new year in chinese". Speaking before the celebration, Miketi said that Argentina is a multicultural society, where different cultures coexist and coexist. She said, very pleased to see in recent years, more and more Chinese people to Argentina, Argentina welcomes different cultures and nationalities, but also hope to learn more from cultural integration, grow more. According to the Convention, the celebration of Spring Festival this year also started from the inside. Miketi, Yang Wanming, ralheta and the event organizer Jinchangcheng media company Chen Jing together to pick up the brush China dragon dotting, officially opened a prelude to the celebration.

阿根廷副总统与当地华人一起过大年(组图)–国际–人民网 1月30日,一年一度的阿根廷“欢乐春节”庆祝活动30日在布宜诺斯艾利斯国家公园广场热闹开场。图为阿根廷副总统米切蒂(右二)与中国驻阿根廷大使杨万明(右一)活动开始前为中国龙点睛。(马丁萨巴拉摄) 伴随着喧天的锣鼓声,阿根廷“欢乐春节”庆祝活动30日在布宜诺斯艾利斯热闹开场。阿根廷副总统米凯蒂到场用中文祝福华人“新年快乐”。 米凯蒂在庆祝活动开始前致辞说,阿根廷是一个文化多元的社会,不同文化在这里共存共生。她表示,非常高兴看到近年来越来越多的中国人来阿根廷,阿根廷欢迎不同的文化和民族,也希望从文化融合中可以学到更多,成长更多。 按照惯例,今年春节庆祝活动也从画龙点睛开始。米凯蒂、杨万明、拉列塔和本次活动承办方金长城传媒公司负责人陈静拿起彩笔一起为中国龙点睛,正式揭开了庆祝活动序幕。相关的主题文章:

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