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Victor Wong: "found" masked before the debut of Victor Wong Victor Wong "feeling now, where are you?" the Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (Wen Shaodeng) Muji period to go solo, Victor Wong debuted in 21 years, this year, Victor Wong opened "now, where are you? "World tour, also in the" masked sing guess "in the top 20 pounds of" the white lion sang a few, in an entertainment Tencent interview with reporters, Victor Wong said, these years of ups and downs, not smooth, once thought of quitting. In "sing" will find the masked debut before 1995 Victor Wong and Michael Wong felt the combination of "Muji", in 2000 the band split solo, left palm "," combination "see you" and other classic songs. Now Victor Wong has a solo 16 years, these years he has been featured in "I am a singer" (watch) the links to help sing, recently he headband 20 pounds of white lion mask to participate in a "masked". To participate in the variety show, Victor Wong admitted that in this age the singer has no way through record survival, certainly increase exposure rate needs to participate in the program, in the song spread, TV still has a great advantage. Victor Wong said: "Muji 5 years before the results are good, I want to make some breakthrough in 2001 after the solo, but also try to do some rock songs, but the market is not too much to accept, the record industry also began to slump, then let me have it first be taken by surprise, performance is also good, suddenly feel myself not. Once felt not too smooth, really want to quit. But since you have chosen to go solo, or survive. When I put on the mask, it reminds me of the low tide." Wearing a mask to sing, so that Victor Wong found the feeling before debut. "I thought it was a great thing to think about singing in the bathroom. The debut for so many years, have a certain label, is also help resistance, especially now everyone listening habits are not the same. The music is so fast that it’s hard to hold on to the ears of the audience, but it’s important to not give up." The name of the tour is a tour of the fan’s greeting on the theme of the tour ", Victor Wong said, would like to sing through this all these years and his music," the relationship between the people come back, exchange of thoughts, share the status quo. Victor Wong revealed that the tour has gone through Taipei, Hangzhou, Shanghai, but the ShenZhen Railway Station will be upgraded version of the track layout, production will be improved, will join the Cantonese song. And the part will be more abundant, will share more of the story behind the music and everyone". As for the guests, Victor Wong said, will be an old friend, I hope to surprise everyone at the scene." Now Victor Wong, a lot of time there will be a father’s image, he and his wife’s feelings also touched many fans, Victor Wong said, his wife is always very positive and optimistic, a lot of support and encouragement for the bottom of their own, "the two person is to cherish each other together, not to be in a relationship to each other give me more, but to make each other better." Although it has been a warm male image shows, but Victor Wong frank, the couple will inevitably get along with friction: people will have emotions, marriage, but also to have wisdom, especially after having children. We’ll be late for work.相关的主题文章:

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