Wanda Hotels & Resorts annual tour’s first stop in Beijing grand opening of Tourism – Sohu-jiuyaogan

Wanda Hotels & Resorts annual tour’s first stop in Beijing Grand curtain – Sohu in October 19th, Wanda hotels and resorts 2016 tour first stop was held in Sofitel Wanda Beijing Hotel. Wanda hotels and resorts with 100 hotels under the industry to display the full range, including Wanda Ruihua, and Wanda Wanda Wanda Mandarin Jiahua four self Jinhua luxury hotel brand style. In the field of attention is this year’s new opening in Nanchang and two in the city of Hefei Wanda International Hotel Group, Wanda city not only high-end hotel group, Wanda Mao, also includes a large outdoor theme park, indoor aquarium, film Park, Binhu bar street and other projects, so that guests feel full of unique the charm of world-class one-stop travel destinations. Wanda Hotels & Resorts Vice President package platinum (lljaPoepper) said, "Wanda hotels and resorts in the past four years, hold and manage more than 100 high-end hotels, with the extraordinary pace of development to highlight the strength of Wanda industry. At the same time, we are also very pleased to see that our own hotel brand in the market by the guests of all ages. I believe that relying on the future have opened more City Wanda International Hotel Group and overseas projects, we will be able to partner with more rich tourism products, the real implementation of the world economy, Bacera honor." Following the Beijing Railway Station, Wanda hotels and resorts exhibition activities will be held in the 2016 of October 27th and November 4th landed in Shanghai and Guangzhou. About Wanda Hotel Resort Wanda Hotels & Resorts founded in 2012, with "people-oriented, ceremony for the first" core values, adhering to the "good life with" the concept of the company, to become the international luxury hotel company from China and respected. Wanda hotels and resorts set the hotel owners, self-management and brand output of three business models as a whole, to provide global travelers with deep immersion Chinese culture hospitality service. The hotel owns four proprietary brands: El Luxor Hotel brand – Wanda Ruihua, Ultra Luxury hotel brand, Wanda Vista luxury hotel brand – Wanda Wah, and featured brand – Jinhua Wanda hotel. By the end of 2016, Wanda hotels and resorts will hold more than 100 high-end hotels in china. In London, Losangeles, Chicago, Sydney, Gold Coast Wanda Mandarin Hotel will be unveiled in succession at the end of 2018. As of the end of 2020, the Global Holdings and management of the hotel will be more than 160. For more information or reservations, please visit相关的主题文章:

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