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Wang Luodan started "my war" war rose first big screen entertainment Sohu – Wang Luodan attended the premiere of Wang Luodan dressed in uniforms and Liu Ye wrapped around the red silk yangko dance entertainment Sohu directed by Peng Shun, love and friendship, starring Wang Luodan Liu Ye reappears the battlefield on the epic "my war" premiere was held yesterday, the Wang Luodan is the first time on the big screen in uniform appearance, a single fan can see other. The roses sonorous blooming, the female is handsome. Wang Luodan, a military uniform debut "my war" premiere of the big screen for the first time in the challenge war drama "my war" premiere of Wang Luodan, a military uniform appearance, like a valiant and heroic in bearing sailor. In order to show the female presence in the film, Wang Luodan also wrap silk big twist northeast Yangko dance. In the game, Wang Luodan was too much trust in claiming to have learned the psychology of Liu Ye, the second round sweep in the unfortunate minefield, so the group together to accept small penalty collective self sent micro-blog. "My war" is the first time Wang Luodan has challenged the war scene on the big screen. In the movie, she played a troupe of female soldier named Meng Sanxia, was playing musical instruments, got on the battlefield. For the national cause, the impermanence of life and death battle do not retreat, but in fact they have a weak heart. Wang Luodan. Department of battlefield insurance all kinds of uniform roles challenge the audience are mostly through the "struggle" in Miley and "my youth who advocate" the money began to love Wang Luodan. She shaped the image of a variety of professions and personalities. But look at the role of Wang Luodan’s choice, in fact, full of routines – she was actually a uniform control! In those years, Wang Luodan appeared wearing a white coat of female nurses, has turned the elegant and dignified airline stewardess. In the "broken" in the wind, her bicycle clothing makes people want to bend, but this role has let Wang Luodan suffered, riding practice six or seven hours a day. In the "Volleyball", she is wearing shorts and knee pads for female man turned. In the Du Lala promotion, she challenges a variety of office dress, beauty to no friends. The most impressive uniforms was "Han Yin weizifu", after all, the queen elegant fan children who can not have. This time in "my war", only by Wang Luodan ‘s uniform the fan. Of course, this movie Luo Dan also looks very relaxed. In order to large and magnificent scenes of the war, the shooting scene is also constant gunfire". According to an interview revealed that in a war drama shooting guns, Wang Luodan had been in another starring Tony Yang injury, almost disfigured.   相关的主题文章:

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