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Warcraft 7 fishing artifact acquisition process of the Broken Isles rare fish distribution – World of Warcraft smart reminder: catch special bait do not immediately eat, BUFF duration is too short, to find a new point to eat fish fish. Hello: yesterday rushed 800 speed landlord spent half an hour to from more than and 700 to 800, is recommended in the old driver of the storm at the fjord near the port of fishing. Not in the fish is fishing out of the ancient ring and had received vecuronium, sustained 5min BUFF, you can see the odd Griffith fish, 16 fish, but fishing out two gray abdominal lobster, suddenly full of class. 2. All the Broken Isles rare fish: fish [heavy] achievement (priority of this achievement, fulfilling this achievement, fishing points can be 800) [] Legion fisherman eat special bait to fish BUFF, corresponding to eighteen kinds of rare fish catch, Qi jump achievement. 5 areas plus the sea, a total of six regions, each region produces 3 kinds of achievement needs of fish. Note: [for] heavy fish need to complete the generation model ("fishing achievements obtained in the Legion coming" a rare fish) will appear in the achievement bar. The Legion came the rare fish distribution: specific fish map location and rare species of fish is satisfied: ASU production of rare fish fish curse queen [queen], [ghost fish catfish], [magic light Nasalasi] [crab magic light] catfish the corresponding items are sea giants] got the attention after the nail. And do not fish in the fish point, will immediately have a 2 minute bait state, 2 minutes after the end of the countdown will come out a slithereen do you kill him, after picking up a [sweet] fish mucus, this is the real thing with this bait, fishing have a rare fish. [Nasalasi] the hermit crab bait is [pearl conch], with no difficulty, not to say. The ghost queen [fish] the bait is rusty [fish] the queen brooch, hanging on will be rare fish fish, the duration of 5 minutes, very good fishing. Note: the ghost queen fish can be used to liver artifact energy points, see the upper part of the artifact energy acquisition. Waershala fish is its rare fish gill perch moss Group [], [ancient moss gill perch, spike flounder [] – fear of ancient moss gill perch] the corresponding items is "rotten fish, the fish head into the water, there will be a night of Drew the cat came to head away then, call, your body has a cat state, this state can catch a rare fish. [] – fear of corresponding [night] insect bait is a nightmare, with no difficulty, don’t say. [a] flatfish the corresponding items are drowned in the fine thistle give it water, directly on the line, the body will give you a blessing, this state can catch a rare fish. Note: No, no what special, a standard map   to Gaoling fish is to produce rare Gaoling salmon fish [], [to ancient Gaoling salmon glacier carp, high.相关的主题文章:

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