Watch the vanguard second season officially opened today will be divided into seven Dan iptd-651

Watch the vanguard second season officially opened today will be divided into seven Dan "watch the pioneer" competitive races of the second season (September 2nd) officially opened today! Different sports level, a new class of glory! Heroes, welcome to the new competition! Be prepared to hone your skills in competitive mode! The competitive level changes of   the highest level 5000 ladder in the second season, "watch the pioneer" redesigned competitive rating system! The original 100 level competitive level, was replaced by a new class 1-5000 competitive level! The expansion of the level of competition, which means that every game, you will be more aware of their competitive level changes. In addition, the "watch pioneer" also joined the competitive decline mechanism. In the new season, more than 3000 of the players must remain active in order to retain their results. If these players fail to complete at least one game in 7 days, then the level of competition will be reduced every 24 hours by 50. The decline mechanism will stop after the player has completed a competitive game, and the decrement will be reduced to only 3000. Heroes who want to have high honors, remember to save the world on the line every week! Good game experience to join 7 different sports level in the new season, "watch the pioneer" joined the 7 different sports level! The system will be based on your competitive level for you is divided into different grades! Of course, with the game level, you will be able to upgrade to a higher level. Such a change, so that the players participating in the competition, but more attention to a number, I believe all players will bring a better game experience! The following is a detailed information of athletic Dan: as long as you progress to the new Dan, is not in season duration falls out of the Dan – even if your competitive level has dropped out of the class requirements. However, this rule does not include the master and master of the game player dan! Please note that to master and master of the game player Dan need to keep their competitive level higher than the lowest level of competitive requirements, otherwise it will be downgraded to a lower level of the dan. You can watch the game player name next to the icon, to be aware of the level of the enemy. (each rank has a unique icon and will appear in the next to the name). If you want to know more about sports, various icons Dan Dan and the corresponding competitive level in the athletic competition, can press the menu button to browse information. Stay active for the top 500 in the second season and you have to win at least 50 games to qualify for the top 500! If you want to keep your place, you need to remain active throughout the season. If you don’t have at least one game in 7 days, you will automatically drop out of the top 500. The team    ; real play fair in addition to the above content, "pioneer" in the new watch competitions also joined the team limited. If you and your friends among the competitive level gap of more than 1000, then it will be a team. While.相关的主题文章:

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