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Water also field: sit on the curb and clap people also have their own stage – summer vacation last week bean Sohu maternal grandmother has been in complaining: "people you every morning at home, the doors are not going out, play every day, see some useless books do not recite English, write new words, do……" Other people’s children always make her jealous. I said: recently my junior middle school thirty year anniversary, Chinese teacher Xie contacted me, he still clearly remember that in 1995 I won the first prize in a national essay contest prize essay, published in April 1996 of the "composition" of junior middle school students, Qingdao Ocean University Press will be followed by the "National high school included an excellent essay" a book. Listen to the teacher about twenty years ago the familiar, I am particularly moved by gratitude. I want to give the teacher a report on the status of the teacher to send two copy of the book, he asked his son — my classmate to Xie family address. Xie classmates did not timely back to my WeChat, very late, drunk, angrily replied: you know we moved three or four times, my father always carefully packaged with your book, but put my article aside? Do you know when your dad said, said I was writing a pile of paper, when my heart is bleeding? Do you know how much pressure you have given me over the years to keep me in your shadow?………… I could not catch his question, for he had never spoken to me for twenty years, but it was deeply engraved in his heart for twenty years! I hung up the phone, I can understand his pain. So, mom, I don’t want anyone to become a heart of someone else’s child, she can make good friends, learn a new skill every time is enough! The world has always ranked, have advantages and disadvantages, but not every child is the first, for I like this thing really is not what important! She is healthy, optimistic, confident, honest, cheerful, kind-hearted, she can live a life not appreciated is carefree and content? She’s just herself, not my model room. I don’t want him to live in the shadow of others, especially don’t live in the mother’s seal. A long time ago, someone wrote an article saying that the child is willing to sit by the roadside applauded. Last month, someone sent a critical "kid, do you really want to be the only one who’s clapping on the road?" "Collision of two kinds of parenting philosophy is Diamond cuts diamond. sharp. In fact, no one in the world has been sitting on the roadside applauded, and no one has been high harvest applause. When I sit on the podium to win support, when I live through 100000+ on the Internet, I often think of the audience and how much is the doctor? How many engineers are there? Do you accept my advice in the areas they are not good and sincere, give me the support and trust of applause, I also will be in another space, another time, humbly listen to your teachings, to give you the same warm applause. With a moat yesterday to walk, a lot of street performers playing guitar, trumpet, dreums…… Win applause.相关的主题文章:

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