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Photography Most brides spend years and years planning their wedding day meticulously and want every detail of the day to be perfect. What a shame it is that so many brides either dont think to book a professional wedding video company, or wait last minute then go budget and are sorely disappointed with the results. A survey by The Wedding and Event Videographer Association (WEVA), an international professional group, found that prior to their weddings, barely half of the brides listed videography as a top 10 wedding priori. However, after the weddings the emphasis changed dramatically. Over 80% of the brides placed videography among their top 10. The reasons for this are quite simple: – The day itself flies by in a blur (ask any bride!) – Much of the day will be missed by couple (when youre having your photos done, when your head is tuned, when you were in the other room). – Memories have a habit of slipping through our flingers, like trying to hold onto a dream upon waking. A glass of 2 of champagne tends to quicken this process! – It is the most well planned, expensive and important day of your life with all your family and friends gathered in one spot if anything merits remembering surely this is it! Unfortunately, as the survey shows, many brides only realize the importance of wedding videos after the fact. So should you wish to keep a beautifully filmed and edited record of all the special moments of your day, then here are some tips in choosing the right videographer: 1. Dont go for the lowest price. There are lots of low priced videographers in Yorkshire however remember one thing: sometimes you do get what you pay for. Saving 200-300 on a low-end videographer is likely something you will seriously regret. Yorkshire Remember that most professionals will spend up to a week editing your wedding video. This time should be reflected in the price, if its not, then something is wrong (see Uncle Dave below). 2. Book ahead Like photographers, quality videographers get booked up to 2 years ahead, especially for Saturday weddings. Dont leave it last minute. 3. Sample DVD Every videographer should be happy to send sample DVD many now have online samples. This is where you will quickly see the difference between professional and uncle Dave. 4. Ask your photographer Your photographer will be invaluable in letting you know who to go for and who to avoid. As well as quality of the DVD, the photographer will also give advice on who has a relaxed and professional manner on the day just as important. 5. Check with vicar. Although nearly all vicars will charge you for filming the service, it is still at their discretion where the cameras are to be placed. Most are very reasonable, but a few around the North East of England that can be pernickety and ask that they only shoot from the back (getting a lovely shot of the back of your heads!). Check first! 6. Uncle Dave If uncle Dave, or cousin Bob offers to film your wedding video , kindly thank them but explain that you would prefer them just to enjoy the day and that you have already booked a professional company anyway. If you were to see any of Daves work you would know why – out of focus, backs of peoples heads, so wobbly you feel nauseous, miles away from ceremony, no audio of the ceremony or speeches – an unedited epic of around 5 hours which you will watch once, feeling seasick throughout, and then sadly file away, never to be seen again. A blight on your perfect day. Dont do it!!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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