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Weichai Yingzhi G5 sale 69 thousand and 800 yuan will be listed in September – Sohu automobile Sohu   [car; car] before the automobile Sohu obtained a set of new models of English English by Weichai G5 caused by the exterior and interior of vehicle. New car positioning for seven home SUV models, is expected to be listed in September. According to the latest news, 1.5L manual Elite Edition and 1.5L manual luxury navigation version two entry-level models officially launched the pre-sale, the pre-sale price of $69 thousand and 800 and $75 thousand and 800. Appearance, the British used "shark" G5 face shape, showing SUV wild and domineering, and the atmosphere appears to be a grade. The British G5 with a black tail bumper and large area surrounded by motion design, with black rear window and taillights made angular, the SUV is very tough, with the tone of SUV models. From the side view, the British G5 caused by using fluid trim waistline throughout the body, and the body movement surrounded by large, in the D column can be seen clearly by the British Weifang logo. The new vehicle size of 4530*1810*1mm, wheelbase 2785mm, which for the British G5 car space is guaranteed. Interior, the new car uses a two color stitching leather seats and leather steering wheel, and the use of a new high-definition fashion instrument. In terms of configuration, the British G5 is equipped with a key start function, which is very much in line with the needs of most consumers car. The new car is also equipped with a 16 inch LCD screen, this is not the first time in the UK on Weichai car, early in the first MPV, the British 737 has already begun to use its built-in integrated intelligent system in the intelligent interconnection, remote control, information security, information and entertainment etc.. From the exposure of the vehicle can be seen that the G5 should have automatic models launched, such as no accident, and should the listing of the British 737 automatic models, matching the CVT CVT Belgian. (responsible editor: often laugh)相关的主题文章:

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