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We’re not fine! Zhu Yuchen is from the FM – Sohu is the Red Army I entertainment poster Zhu Yuchen stills Sohu entertainment news recently, starring Zhu Yuchen March Gift Show "I am red" is Zhejiang TV Chinese blue theater hit. The play from the figure Nie nine (Zhu Yuchen ornaments) from the perspective of the long march of the Red Army to witness the great journey, about how to transform from a small figure into a hero of the story of the nine. Surprisingly, Zhu Yuchen, the Red Army not only long hair, the play is quite charming". Do things! Zhu Yuchen became the first in the "Red Army" to me is a red blood man "interpretation of a lead a fast but also the guoqiuguhen. In order to make the characters more vivid, Zhu Yuchen is bold with long hair, give nine Nie this character by filling the sort of features, so the "Red Army First" was born, though, but Zhu Yuchen’s behavior between the nine Nie, reveals the spirit of man. One wise smart, family loyalty and filial devotion have feeling to have righteousness, brothers, do not abandon is also a loyal love, exudes rich flavor of male hormones, Zhu Yuchen will be the nine Nie character image and spirit frame shape the most incisive. Zhu Yuchen, we’re not fine! Zhu Yuchen is the FM set for the audience, speaking of Zhu Yuchen, the most impressive is the uninhibited Hua Zi, Hua Zi good and dependable, loyal and mind, so many carries the dream of people on the road in beijing. The Nie nine interpretation, Zhu Yuchen is on a role like this guy trying again, is steadfast acting. Now, Zhu Yuchen in his acting breakthrough at the same scale, is also the first cross-border comedy, "adding comedy story", a big show of "charming", also let the audience have a new understanding of him, many viewers said: "Zhu Yuchen and the TV variety, the general feeling is FM ads, Zhu Yuchen I Hin do not want to say you are fine!"相关的主题文章:

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