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What are the benefits of drinking milk? Drink Soybean Milk what errors can not touch Soybean Milk has become a daily drink, Soybean Milk not only has the very high nutritional value, but also beauty, so all love to drink Soybean Milk men and women, old and young. Today we look at what are the benefits of drinking soy milk bar! What are the errors of soy milk can not touch it? Let’s look at it! What are the benefits of drinking soy milk? 1, to prevent diabetes soybean milk contains a lot of cellulose, can effectively prevent the excessive absorption of sugar, reducing sugar, and thus can prevent diabetes, is essential to the daily diet of patients with diabetes. The prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease in 2, Soybean Milk stigmasterol and potassium, magnesium and calcium can enhance the excitement of their brains blood vessels, improve cardiac nutrition, reduce cholesterol, promote blood flow to prevent vascular spasm. If you can insist on drinking a bowl of soy milk every day, the recurrence rate of coronary heart disease can be reduced by 50%. 3, to prevent the magnesium and calcium elements contained in the Soybean Milk stroke, can significantly reduce the cerebral blood lipids, improve cerebral blood flow, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral infarction. Soy milk contains lecithin, but also to reduce brain cell death, improve brain function. 4, to prevent the aging of Soybean Milk containing selenium, vitamin E, C, a great antioxidant, can cause the body’s cells "Youth", especially the biggest brain cells. Drink soya bean milk what misunderstanding is cannot touch? 1, fasting drink soy milk, many people like to drink a cup of coffee before breakfast, and then began to eat breakfast. In fact, this is very unscientific. If fasting drink soy milk, soy milk protein in the human body will be converted into heat and consumed, nutrition will be greatly reduced, therefore, the best to drink soy milk, bread, bread and other starchy foods. In addition, after drinking milk should also eat some fruit, because of high iron content in soy milk, with fruit can promote the body’s absorption of iron. 2, everyone can drink Soybean Milk some people think Soybean Milk is rich in nutrition, everyone is suitable for men and women, old and young. Actually, Soybean Milk flat cold, so often drink after nausea, belching, diarrhea, abdominal distension, and frequent urination at night, spermatorrhea, are not suitable for drinking Soybean Milk. In addition, the high purine content in soy milk, gout patients should not drink. 3, soya bean milk only need to heat the milk machine is so convenient, many people like to do their own milk, but not as long as the heating of soy milk on the line. Drink the undercooked Soybean Milk poisoning, because Soybean Milk contains saponin, trypsin inhibitor and other harmful substances, not cooked on the drinking will not only difficult to digest, but also nausea, vomiting and diarrhea and other symptoms of poisoning. Eating breakfast, after the 5 cage steamed buns, and drink a small wonton Pumpkin Congee Soybean Milk相关的主题文章:

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