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What would have the most single camouflage (Figure) Su Ge Wen Xing [blog] what would have the most disguised single love or married if you come to a strange place, appearance and stature are good you will admit that they have been lovers, to the good side of people around you, and look forward to the affair, or more don’t want to admit he is "family", all others for your dreams? In fact, there are some friends who love love sign before pretending to single, but not to just to check promiscuous in sex relations, sometimes their love after marriage or whether it is the charm of decay, to look at the single sign. Then love in disguise! NO.1 Sagittarius love him forever with its mysterious, answering their emotional problems, never a positive answer to this question, his attitude is always ready to accept either course, because Sagittarius love not being noticed, he thought the born villain their feelings with others never mind. So meet Sagittarius you will not catch a cold, or don’t ask for the feelings of others. Oh, cold words to understand the insinuations. NO.2 is Mr. Right or ms.right unless the Gemini Gemini will be generous recognition, but before this Gemini completely do not recognize his lover, Gemini that unless the ring on her finger, otherwise, would rather die than admit. So even if Gemini have male and female friends, but because Gemini usually speak the true mingled with the false unpredictable people, so people are always on his single or not holding the big question mark. NO.3 unless the feelings have been very stable, for example, has been married and so on, Libra will not mind to let all the people know, or Libra is a very strong color protection sign, a relationship in the necessary circumstances, he will not open, and will try to hide his feelings, feel is a very personal thing, don’t have to admit to the irrelevant person, afraid of trouble he would rather say that they are based on single. NO.4 when Scorpio Scorpio is love the other half, and went to a strange place he decided to work hard, then he would feel inferior to admit that you are not single, the trouble later. But when his feelings encounter a problem, or to a strange place in Scorpio also want to test their charm, he will deliberately ambiguous you have the identity of the object, free of their lost market in the eyes of the opposite sex. NO.5 Leo to a strange place Leo will want to test their charm in the end how? A brief romance or passion, give yourself and others in a foreign or exotic imagination, no one knew where she had been married to a romance will stimulate the vitality of Leo, even have a feeling of rebirth of life, then the other half at home he would have been lost to the far-off regions, but when small passion after Leo will start to miss the other half, so temporarily quiet.相关的主题文章:

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