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The current exhibition — what the lack of calligraphy and painting — people.com.cn view current exhibition lack what article / Yang Qiong (Zhanjiang) to the exhibition, should be treated as the creation of awe and rigorous, pious and things. However, some exhibitions in recent years does not seem ideal, only just passable. The curators did not think deeply about some of the details. For example, the exhibition did not reflect how to reflect the merits of a (Group) works to make the corresponding efforts, many works to give people the feeling seems to be hanging up. Even today the future may still so many exhibitions, and even some pure money is posted at the office of the exhibition, like business has become commonplace things. What the operator think? What are the people thinking? What is the artist thinking? Maybe each of them has his own plan. Of course, the office of the exhibition is to spend money, find a field for curation, please support the leadership, celebrity support, open reception, on TV, a book, etc., with no need of shining white silver. Money spent, naturally to find ways to get back from other places. For example, in the industry, and then into the association works can sell at high prices, to achieve fame and fortune, Why not?. Admittedly, the art effect under the market economy, has created many rich art star, but also let more artists see business opportunities. It seems unwilling to remain out of the limelight became typical features of some people. Works of art have just been released, they are affixed to the price tag, the exhibition is more like a commercial behavior, rather than cultural sharing. In the end what is the reason for the lack of a large area of its art? There are two main reasons for the neglect of the other: one is reflected in the attitude, including curators and artists, and even the attitude of the exhibition operators. The two is reflected in the professional quality, mainly related to the curator, followed by the painter. No matter apart from the merits of the works, the exhibition effect more field selection, work setting and light modulation factors, which requires the curators to operate carefully; of course as the academic host can not be idle (academicchair function is what does not seem to be clear). However, there are too many paintings, the work is basically a close to one, did not give the audience for each piece of work required for visual independence. People can not see the harmonious atmosphere of the show is more mutual exclusion between works, rather than the respective advantages emerge. You know, if the emissions of a work can not reflect even if it is a little to attract the attention of the audience, I am sorry, it looks more than a clerk can not be able to display the goods. Some of the exhibition venue is free, simple, small woods, after the court yard are used, this is still the sun painting exhibition? With the organizer’s words: artists just entertain, a comfort. Painting is not only a way, but also an attitude. However, those works are really hanging on the wall, on the pillars, in the corner, or even find something to hold…… Like toys sold in grocery stores. Under such conditions, some of the original works have almost no chance to cause相关的主题文章:

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