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What’s on the world’s most luxurious flights? Original title: the world’s most luxurious flights inside what? Lead: the world’s luxury business jet filled with glamorous atmosphere. (source: Cool Travel Tips) open dining room stocked with leather chairs, as well as exquisite porcelain and crystal products: it looks like a high-end, expensive restaurant. But in fact, this is just a plane of the interior, you can see the porthole and elegant carved ceiling. The plane was billed as the world’s luxury business jet, filled with glamorous atmosphere. The aircraft belongs to the United States travel company Crystal. The minimum fare for the flight is $50 thousand, and the ticket is valid for 14 days. You can go up and down the palace in this period. In addition to the five star hotel equipped with interior decoration, you can also enjoy the best service, every passenger has exclusive Butler, can even enjoy almost Michelin star delicacies in the machine. Came to the seat, you will see there are 84 chairs – Total leisure place for passengers in the nap nap. For those who want to lay sleeping passengers, these chairs can extend into the bed, passengers can have a good sleep before the arrival of the next station. The bathroom in the machine, the guests can also be a series of fragrance products free trial provided by Italy fashion brand Etro. Other highlights include a bar (equipped with all you can think of wine), widescreen TV, free global WiFi and the Bose brand private sound headset. Crystal will operate the new private Boeing 777 aircraft in the fall of 2017. Passengers can choose 14 days, 21 days and 28 days of the three kinds of flight packages, holidaymakers can take this flight to the world’s most exotic, most distant place. At the press conference, Edie Rodriguez CEO Crystal Crystal said: "the sky cruise is not only an exciting new project for Crystal, is also a breakthrough for the development of high-end tourism industry. Even those who take numerous Crystal sea yacht fashionable tourists, passengers will feel eager for such a new project, because the experience is not provided by water travel, and Crystal’s private customized services as well as the top luxury cruise ship in the air also Goods are available in all varieties. project."相关的主题文章:

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