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When the help! Analysis of the game industry’s ten best team in the game will inevitably have pigs as teammates, they continue to give you trouble, plotting to assassinate you, with a line or ramble tired you want to quit the game. However, in addition to those who like some bottomless pit teammates, the game also has a god like buddy, they like a magnet suction seal you, take you a step into the wonderful world of the game, the game makes you no longer lonely trip. Let’s take a look at the top ten players in the game. Are they impressed by the game? 10 Ashley Graham "Resident Evil 4" in the escort mission are super awesome. It’s not a simple thing to protect Ashley in this dangerous and monster world, and to avoid a crisis. Well, although Ashley is not the best teammate on the list, it should be the most "background" teammate. Her father is the president of the game, and the "biochemical crisis 4" Lyon to Europe, because Ashley was kidnapped by a cult. In the game when you go all the way, there is such a clever adversary can always escape the teammates, is also very good. Analysis of the game industry’s ten best team captain Preiss 9 what is the "call of duty" in the modern war 4: captain Preiss become such a great role? Maybe his tough guy image, perhaps his neat action, may be his personal independence of conduct attitude, or grasp the global vision, there may be his charming beard. No matter what (well, actually is to win at the Hu La beard), in the game, Captain Preiss will be with you always. The way of your game is also no longer lonely because of his participation, there is a virtual partner with the feeling is good. When you follow his footsteps into the game’s most classic task – All Ghilled Up, you will feel more dazzling captain Preiss aura. Analysis of the game’s ten best teammate 8.Yorda talk about the best teammate, how can ignore the ICO in the Yorda? Yorda in the ICO is not only a supporting role so simple. In fact, the main concept of the game is to establish a relationship between the player and the Yorda. Both lovers can be teammates, to provide you with the spirit of the company at the same time can help you fight, the protagonist of the game is really good life, ah, such a good sister. Although the game in "hero" settings seem old-fashioned, but this is the game of the soul. Analysis of the game industry’s ten best teammate Elizabeth 7 people think Elizabeth is just a tool used to describe the story of Burke, but this is completely harmless Elizabeth is a lovely girl in. Elizabeth image is very delicate, when she did not appear, people even a little miss. Although Elizabeth did not play much in the battle, but if there is no protection for her, we have already died again and again. Every time Elizabeth throws a protective bag, you feel a sense of support! Analysis of the game world ten.相关的主题文章:

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