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Health The program is an intensive workout that utilizes bursts of heavy exertions alternated with intervals of rest periods. This program is only for those who are in good physical condition. The Insanity Workout Guide was developed by Shaun Thompson and released in 2009 for Beachbody Inc. It involves an intensive training program that requires long periods of medium intensity exercise then succeeded by short bursts of exhaustive effort then followed by a short period of rest. The interval training which is being used in sports conditioning is also an effective exercise strategies as demonstrated in my Insanity Workout review Insanity Workout Review The program includes 10 DVDs. In the first DVD, which is aptly titled "Dig Deeper and Fit Test"; the body is put to the test to find out the capabilities of one’s body. The second DVD, "Polymeric Cardio Circuit", aims to burn fat periods of intense plyo for the lower body and cardio exercises to make the body sweat. The third DVD, "Cardio Power and Resistance", helps build lean muscle and define the upper body with strength training and power moves. The fourth DVD, "Cardio Recovery", contains easy exercises that will prepare the body for next round of intensive workouts. The fifth DVD, "Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs", is an intensive cardio workout without the rest intervals. The sixth DVD, "Core Cardio and Balance", is some sort of a break after finishing one month of the Insanity Workout fitness regimen. It contains easy exercises. The seventh DVD, "Max Interval Circuit & Fit Test", contains more intensive fitness exercises. The eighth DVD, "Max Interval Plyo", works out the legs to the max. The ninth DVD, "Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs", is an extreme cardio workout that pushes one’s limits. The tenth DVD, "Max Recovery", is less strenuous but still builds strength for the next round of intensive exercises. The Insanity Work Out nutrition guide encourages one to have five meals a day at 2.5 to 3 hours intervals. It contains fifty recipes with varied suggestions for food substitutes. It also encourages one to have 300-500 calories per meal during the first month of training. During the second month, more calories need to be consumed because the metabolism is working faster and harder because of the intense workouts. A personal Insanity Workout Review of Toni Young at raisethebar.. reveals that he was afraid at first to try the workout but when he did, he was able to get rid of his unattractive love handles and unsightly muffin tops. Now, he is able to show off his toned arms and legs and his sexy abs. Another Intensity Workout Review from Amazon by Emily Cullen says that she is satisfied with the program and that although she is very tired after the workout, she feels that she has ac.plished something from it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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