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Wu Yifan friend boarded the mask? Sister Afanda suspected Liu Yifei Sina Jiangsu TV entertainment news [micro-blog] will sing "masked guess" this coming Sunday ushered in the premiere, "Afanda pointed ears sister style again brighten, lamented the ornate masks at the same time, the users also will feel curious about the true identity of singing. On the field and "Afanda sister" interaction a lot of "Tin Man" is to ask "who is your best friend?" The answer was "Wu Yifan". A time triggered a fierce discussion and speculation, for her true identity range is reduced to logical Fan Bingbing [micro-blog], Li Bingbing [micro-blog], Liu Yifei [micro-blog], Tang Yan [micro-blog] Wu Yifan’s circle of friends in women. In the recording process, while the appearance of the tip of the ears of the sister Afanda and tin man interaction constantly, leading to speculation that the two groups agreed that the singer will have long been familiar with. As a result, the wisdom of the assessment team in order to be able to grab more information about Afanda sister, the scene encouraged tin man asked a question. "Tin Man" is also quite direct, openings asked: "who is your best friend?" That watch is not too big guess jury have applauded, even adding: "can only say that the circle of friends and relatives, not to say." The face of this situation, "Afanda pointed ears, shilly-shally shy sister" action not only, also bow laughed, but in the audience and guess jury strongly questioning, finally tell an amazing name – "Wu Yifan". In the heart of Afanda sister, Wu Yifan turned out to be her circle of best friends, a large amount of information is difficult to digest. Count your circle tall, singing well with Wu Yifan familiar with the actress, the first thought is "immortal sister" Liu Yifei, and she has worked with Wu Yifan film, of which there are many intimate drama, the relationship between the two is not generally. While the other side has been rumored to CP group and Wu Yifan Tang Yan also participated in the reality show the users become the object of suspicion in the last two people and play in the film, the relationship between the upgrade is also very natural. In addition, Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing and other big names are also not a small source with the Wu Yifan. More careful users found that the name of Afanda’s sister has a "where", then there will be and Wu Yifan really have some internal connection? Her true identity, after the show on Sunday, is to be seen. (commissioning editor: Sammi-H)相关的主题文章:

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