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Wuhan City Court for the first time in court for sentencing felony sentencing date gradually bid farewell to Washington (reporter Li Yizhong correspondent Wang Tian Jia Liu) yesterday morning, with illegal possession of narcotics in Wuchang District court. Unlike previous felony cases sentencing date, the trial court verdict, the suspect Moumou was sentenced to 11 years, deprived of political rights for 2 years, and fined 5 yuan. This is the first time the city court sentenced to severe cases in court, but also the trial of the city court trial "trial centered" trial model reform for the first time. City Intermediate Court introduced, our province is the central to promote the "trial centered" criminal prosecution system reform pilot provinces, our city has been listed as the first batch of 3 pilot cities in the province. At present, the trial process in some cases when the thing is called "as a mere formality": the evidence is admissible, the facts can be confirmed, in the trial without the parties know; as for the final ruling, only the sentencing date". The trial mode reform pilot to the trial as the center "of the city court, the purpose is to get rid of the current trial model of the drawbacks, so as to ensure the open and fair trial. The new trial mode requires the presiding judge of the facts and evidence in court to have identified; witnesses to testify in court, to expedite criminal cases; all the court verdict, summary criminal cases shall be adjudged, ordinary criminal cases should be gradually improved in court sentenced rate. Wu Moumou illegal possession of a drug case yesterday, Wu Moumou arrested from the beginning not to confess their crimes. During the trial, the prosecution and the defense respectively produced evidence, the presiding judge organized the two sides to debate the facts of the case and the identification of evidence, and the public prosecution organ also applied for 2 witnesses to appear in court to restore the truth of the case. After more than 3 hours of the trial, the presiding judge in court that Wu Moumou illegal possession of drug methamphetamine and ketamine were 190 grams of the facts of the crime. Wuchang district court sentenced the defendant Wu Moumou guilty of illegal possession of drugs, sentenced to 11 years imprisonment, deprived of political rights for 2 years, and fined 50 thousand yuan. After sentencing, Wu Moumou did not appeal in court. City Intermediate People’s court said that the court verdict is the direction of reform of trial mode, trial will gradually bid farewell to the sentencing date".

武汉市法院首次当庭宣判重刑案 逐渐告别择日宣判   本报讯(记者李亦中 通讯员刘嘉 王田甜)昨日上午,一起非法持有毒品案在武昌区法院开庭审理。与以往重刑案件择日宣判不同,此次庭审结果当庭宣判,犯罪嫌疑人吴某某被判处有期徒刑11年,剥夺政治权利2年,并处罚金5万元。这是我市法院首次对重刑案件当庭宣判,也是我市法院试点“以审判为中心”庭审模式改革的首次尝试。   市中级法院介绍,我省是中央推进的“以审判为中心”刑事诉讼制度改革试点省份,我市被列为全省第一批3个试点城市。   目前,一些案件的庭审过程被当事人称之为“走过场”:提交的证据是否被采信,陈述的事实是否被认定,在庭审中基本不为双方当事人知晓;至于最终的裁决,只能“择日宣判”。   我市法院试点“以审判为中心”的庭审模式改革,目的就是革除目前庭审模式中的种种弊端,从而真正保证庭审的公开、公正。   新的庭审模式要求主审法官对案件事实和证据当庭作出认定;有证人出庭的,必须要求证人出庭;速裁刑事案件一律当庭宣判,简易刑事案件应当当庭宣判,普通刑事案件应当逐步提高当庭宣判率。   昨日庭审的吴某某非法持有毒品一案,吴某某被捕后自始至终不交代自己的罪行。庭审中,控辩双方分别出示证据,审判长组织双方对案件事实和证据认定展开辩论,公诉机关还申请2名证人出庭,还原案件真相。   经过3个多小时的庭审,审判长当庭认定吴某某非法持有毒品冰毒和K粉共190克的犯罪事实。   经合议庭评议,武昌区法院依法当庭宣判被告人吴某某犯非法持有毒品罪,判处有期徒刑11年,剥夺政治权利2年,并处罚金5万元。宣判后,吴某某当庭没有提出上诉。   市中级法院称,当庭宣判是庭审模式改革的方向,庭审将逐渐告别“择日宣判”。相关的主题文章:

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