Wuhan IRS released ten 2020 tax service tax Han can go online-happynewyear

Wuhan IRS released ten 2020 tax service tax Han can go network reporter (reporter Zhang Junwei correspondent Wang Bin Ye Pian) in the administrative examination and approval system reform, the "double" policy stimulus, the city all kinds of market main body growth spurt. 28, the IRS issued a tax service "Han ten, to watch the scene will promote the form of promotion has been the implementation of the" 8+2 "tax mode, and put forward the" long-term goal of Internet plus tax service, and strive to 2020, the city’s tax taxpayers all go "network", with Internet plus tax mode to meet the needs of taxpayers. In May 1st this year, "camp changed to increase" has been pushed out so far, the city’s new taxpayers 150 thousand, the total number of more than 550 thousand households. This package to promote the "Han ten, 10 tax service measures to facilitate the taxpayers to the tax and the launch of the main purpose of the. From the beginning of 2013, Wuhan tax on Internet plus tax service exploration. Every month for the taxpayer to tax declaration for the beginning of the introduction of free online reporting system "; and then all kinds of examination and approval registration matters, especially for tax concessions," the implementation of tax related matters handled online ", covers the taxpayer daily required approval of all matters; and most taxpayers a invoice receive and open invoices, also launched a" net invoice, express mail and online Invoicing system; self service area gradually expanded, 24 hours self-service tax office to provide uninterrupted service, the future will be extended to the bank and other financial outlets; those temporary business person, business with a small capital, small enterprises etc. and also to the postal outlets, door wide distribution of the tax service station to avoid tax, run hall, long queues of trouble by downloading the APP mobile phone "tax; Enterprise ", also can realize the online tax. Yangtze River Daily reporter was informed that most of the initiatives are Wuhan initiative, "electronic tax bureau" embryonic form. As of now, the city’s general taxpayer, online reporting rate reached 93%, more than 50 thousand taxpayers experience online approval, 120 thousand times the use of mobile phone tax taxpayer. This year, the net invoice, postal service, online generation, tax service stations and other projects, invoice amount to 7 million 296 thousand and 100 copies, part of the region on behalf of the online invoice ratio as high as 80%. 28, Changjiang Daily reporter visited Wuchang District Peng Liu Yang Lu post open point, Jiangxia Zhifanggou Street tax service station, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Hongshan District National Tax Service Center of the tax service hall, found that if the taxpayer by the computer, mobile phone is self Banshui, the time window is shortened to about 10 minutes. If there is any doubt, the tax staff is around. "Faced with the surge in market and diversified tax demand, single hall window, people accepted the service mode has been difficult to adapt to the development needs, but also to bring the taxpayer tax queuing, congestion and other problems, the Internet has become an inevitable choice to go." The head of the municipal tax bureau expresses. 1, website online tax declaration system: Hubei tax online tax service hall, 2 mobile phone reporting system: in the mobile phone APP store search.

武汉国税发布税务服务汉十条 2020年办税可全走网路   本报讯(记者张隽玮 通讯员王斌 叶翩)在行政审批制度改革、“双创”等政策刺激下,我市各类市场主体井喷式增长。28日,市国税局发布税务服务“汉十条”,以现场观摩推进会的形式推介目前已实行的“8+2”办税模式,并提出“互联网+税务服务”中长期目标,努力至2020年,全市纳税人办税全部走“网路”,用互联网+税务方式最大限度满足纳税人需求。   今年5月1日“营改增”全面推开至今,全市新增纳税人15万户,总数超过55万户。   这次打包推介的“汉十条”,是以方便纳税人办税为主要目的而推出的10项办税服务举措。从2013年开始,武汉国税开启“互联网+税务服务”探索。以纳税人每月都要办理的纳税申报为开端,推出免费的“网上申报系统”;再到各类审批备案事项,特别是税收减免等优惠的办理,实现“涉税事项网上办理”,涵盖了纳税人日常所需的所有审批事项;还有最令纳税人头疼的发票领取、发票代开问题,也相继推出了“网领发票,邮政速递”及网上代开发票系统等;自助办税区域逐渐扩大,24小时自助办税厅提供不间断服务,今后还将延伸到银行等金融网点;那些小本经营、临时经营的个人、小企业等,还可到分布广泛的邮政网点、家门口的税收服务站去办税,免去了跑大厅、排长队的麻烦;通过下载手机APP“税企通”,也能实现网上办税。   长江日报记者获悉,以上大部分举措属武汉首创,“电子税务局”雏形初现。   截至目前,全市一般纳税人中,网上申报率达到93%,5万多户纳税人体验了网上审批,12万户次纳税人使用手机办税。今年推出的网领发票、邮政代开、网上代开、税收服务站等项目中,发票领取量达到729.61万份、部分区域网上代开发票的比例高达80%。   28日长江日报记者连续走访了武昌区彭刘杨路邮政代开点、江夏区纸坊街税务服务站、东湖新技术开发区办税服务中心、洪山区国税办税服务厅,发现纳税人若通过电脑、手机自主办税,时间可较窗口缩短至10分钟左右。如果有什么疑问,税务工作人员就在身边。   “面对激增的市场主体和多样化的办税需求,单一的大厅窗口、人为受理的服务模式已难以适应发展需要,也给纳税人办税带来了排队、拥堵等烦恼,走网路已成为必然选择。”市国税局负责人表示。   网上办税   1、网站申报系统:湖北国税网上办税服务厅  2、手机申报系统:在手机APP商店中搜索“税企通”,即可查询包括登记、申报、税款、文书、发票、政策等各种涉税信息。还能在线填写调查问卷,提出意见,与税务员互动交流。   链 接   社会网点办税   1、邮政代开发票代征税款。只要是全市提供储蓄功能的邮政营业网点,就可为临时销售商品、货物或劳务的单位或个人提供代开发票、代征税款服务,税率均为3%。   2、国地税共建的税务服务站,全市共有99家,服务个体户便捷办税。   3、未来银行等金融网点也能提供办税服务。相关的主题文章:

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