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Wuhan named exposure of six real estate companies in the presence of illegal acts of real estate development companies and intermediaries illegal behavior will be subject to more stringent norms. Yesterday, the city real estate market control in the special meeting, City Housing Authority informed the market driving up prices, false advertising and other illegal acts, and published some of the typical cases and investigation results. Recently, the community and consumers reflect on the violations, the city Housing Authority was the focus of the investigation and disposal, including public information is not real, driving up prices, illegal intermediary, embezzlement of customer funds, in the name of charges. City Housing Bureau informed that the green international ideal city, blue Lincoln Park, Wuhan Xinghai Real Estate Consulting Agency Co., Ltd., Wuhan Yisheng Locke in Albert Ho real estate brokerage Co., the development of enterprises, sales agents, housing intermediaries because of the existence of illegal behavior, were sentenced to admonishing conversation, credited to the enterprise credit archives, issued a "rectification notice", administrative fines and other penalties, some enterprises illegal acts have been transferred to industry and commerce, public security and other departments to investigate. September 6th this year, the city took the lead in the country to carry out special rectification of the real estate market. Up to now, the special rectification actions were found in the presence of various types of violations of the project 115, which has been issued to the development of the enterprise issued a rectification notice 47. Yesterday afternoon, the city housing authority responsible person said at the meeting, the next step, the city real estate market regulation will highlight the focus of anti bubble, deleveraging, positive research reserve policy, strictly enforce the credit limit restriction policy, and the stability of prices. At the same time, the city’s real estate market will continue to deepen the special rectification action, will be included in the real estate brokerage agencies to strengthen the special rectification, through exposure, suspend the enterprise registration, enterprise qualification suspended net signed upgrade, joint law enforcement and other ways to strengthen the market for illegal acts of punishment. Link > > > typical illegal case 1, real estate development projects sales information publicity is not real, drive up prices. Such as: Wuhan handed Jinwei Properties Limited Development and construction projects, sales and prices of houses sold not faithfully publicity. The Housing Authority has to the enterprise responsible for admonishing conversation, the illegal sales practices issued a "rectification notice", credited to the credit archives of enterprise development, and the provisions of the act in violation of the price management department transfer price. 2, the real estate development enterprises advance funding, undocumented sales. Such as: Wuhan nine Segotep Properties Limited Development and construction of green international ideal city project, has been achieved in the "pre-sale permit" case of illegal early identification chips. In the early stage has issued a "rectification notice" and ordered rectification of the situation, refused to rectification, is still illegal, has launched the procedure of administrative penalty. 3, real estate development enterprises false propaganda, misleading expectations. Such as: the Wuhan Times Real Estate Development Company Limited celebrity blue Lincoln Park project has been achieved in the "pre-sale permit", the proposed sale price, through advertising "15% off" concessions, and sales agent of Wuhan Yisheng Locke limited unauthorized collect pledges from. The Housing Authority has two companies responsible for admonishing conversation.相关的主题文章:

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