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Xing Bo Brigade: the low-carbon development of tourism spots to the community power Sohu – tourism Xing Bo brigade chairman Liu Xia invited to attend the UN climate change conference and keynote speech — the low-carbon development of tourism spots need social power delegation in the China corner site photo local time on November, "United Nations climate" the UNFCCC Conference of the parties held in Morocco in the southern city of Marrakech, China Green Carbon Fund director, Bo Xing Beijing tourism investment planning and Design Institute chairman Liu Xia Chinese Green Carbon Fund invited to attend the meeting, and in the "Chinese corner" will do "Chinese tourism low-carbon innovation practice" keynote speech. Chairman Liu Xia speech Liu Xia said, in the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed the "innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing" five major development, will improve the tourism environment fundamentally, motivation of tourism development. National Tourism Bureau recently to promote global tourism is an important way to implement the five development ideas, represents the development of modern tourism, is a profound change, is the overall strategy of tourism development in our country in the new period. China’s tourism industry, especially tourist attractions should adapt to change, and strive to actively explore the scenic spot planning, tourism carbon footprint test, scenic spot energy management, carbon consumption targets, energy conservation and emission reduction. For example, the Anhui scenic area in Mount Huangshan as the first national low-carbon tourism demonstration area to provide "green" services, advocating "green office" and other measures to protect the scenic environment; Sichuan scenic area in Hailuogou set up a "garbage bank" to reduce the waste of tourism scenic environment destruction; Beijing planetarium through creative landing zero carbon vending machine project for tourists environmental science and the popularization and application of energy-saving products; Suzhou Humble Administrator’s Garden scenic area held the first "zero carbon wedding", adding the green elements in the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, advocating new afforestation, should be involved in the action on climate change. In addition, by Beijing Bo Xing tourism investment planning and Design Institute is responsible for the execution of the zero carbon creative hall, as China Green Carbon Fund No. volunteers workstation, the foundation’s work under the guidance of year to carry out free exchange activities, let the tourists at home and abroad by visiting the museum creative zero carbon and low carbon tourism experience, learning green carbon knowledge, through propaganda and experience so that the majority of the public participation in the action on climate change. Liu Xia said that the development of low-carbon tourism needs of the depth of development, but also the community needs to inject power. In the future, tourism scenic spots in the construction of three-dimensional low-carbon transport system, the construction of low-carbon Turisthotellet, popularity of low-carbon tourism and encourage low-carbon catering behavior, research practice and exploration of tourism environmental education public platform and other aspects also need further step, the construction of low carbon low carbon disposal of creative products and waste. I hope more people to join the ranks of low-carbon tourism scenic areas, to protect the ecological environment of the scenic spots. The delegation in the "China corner" Chinese scenic photography contest exhibition area in the photo it is understood that the "Chinese corner" scene, also from the many photography exhibition China let beauty more beautiful "China scenic photography contest, the exhibition is not only to many countries and regions in the world to show the charm of China friends the scenery, at the same time show.相关的主题文章:

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