Xining second-hand car market blocked the sidewalk for 5 years the public – Qinghai channel –

Xining second-hand car market blocked the sidewalk for 5 years   the public – Qinghai channel — Voices of discontent. October 14 Xining Xinhua (Yang Yang) "side of the sidewalk was accounted for the second-hand car, we can only find their way through the gap in the walk, or walk in the vehicle lane, it’s not safe." People Ms. Lee told Qinghai channel report, Xining Bayi second-hand car market long Jeeves, seriously affected the past pedestrians and the surrounding residential, hospitals, schools and out of order, there are security risks. Reporters on the scene saw, Bayi Road, the second-hand car market in ten shop to apricot Road, Jeeves range up to nearly 4 kilometers, the road on both sides of the sidewalk and some non motorized vehicles parked on the second-hand car, the number of nearly 1000. According to nearby shops, the second-hand car market has been in existence for many years, is a self-organized roadside market, many vehicles parked on the sidewalk, pedestrians can only walk in the gap between the vehicle, or go directly to the motor vehicle lane. A lot of cars in the shop door, but also affect the normal operation of the shops. In the ten Lane Primary School, the parents of the child’s parents expressed concern: Bayi Road has been more than the speed of the car is also fast, we have to pick up the child’s car has no place to stop, and sometimes can only stop on the road, it is not safe." People’s Liberation Army fourth hospital guard said that the transaction up to the time, the second-hand car to the hospital’s access to the block, emergency vehicles out of the affected. The reporter saw on leaving the hospital, a white second-hand car parked in the hospital door on the side of the road, and soon had four or five came around the car to talk about business, and they quickly through the vehicle side is very dangerous. See in the Bayi Road Peninsula new home area in front of reporters, originally set aside for residents’ leisure square area is now filled with second-hand car, living in the area of Zhang uncle very helpless: "the original old children can play in the square, jumping square dance, now second-hand car accounted for our place, let alone the sun walk a road, difficult." The district is not able to escape the second-hand car market "expansion" of the clutches, even the gas station can not escape. The reporter saw the gas station in Bayi Road and apricot Ming Road Interchange Sinopec, three space used cars have been "occupied" in the gas station, only two exit leaving only a car over the channel, to provide fuel for gas station ten meters long into the tanker, refueling station staff also need to negotiate with the second-hand car dealer, removed the second-hand car to pass. According to the gas station staff said, a large number of used cars parked in the gas station in the long term, not only affects the normal work of the gas station, to bring in and out of the vehicle fuel inconvenience, the most important thing is that there are significant security risks. The second-hand car parked long in the gas station, through the sun and rain, the vehicle itself is not safe, plus a lot of traders in the gas station in and out, and smoking is a mobile phone, which requires extremely strict gas station is buried a time bomb on security". It is understood that the second-hand car market Jeeves has been in existence for 5 years. Xining Public Security Traffic Management Bureau in an interview with this reporter, said urban management and traffic police departments to increase the intensity of rectification, but operating相关的主题文章:

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