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Xinjiang lost to female tour pal confirmed killed: 15 people carrying the remains of 21 km walk – Beijing Guangzhou girls as an ER since September 24th with 3 other people go hiking in Kanas lost lost. The evening of October 5th, Xinjiang, Aletai Tourism Bureau revealed that any child has been found, but unfortunately killed. Four tour pal lost in the wild lost it is understood that any child in September 16th this year, 20 year old came to Xinjiang, and in the way of Hao Liting and other two men and one woman went to Kanas on foot 3 tour pal. 4 19 days after the start, the first from the jiadengyu hike to 22 from the view of Hemu, Hemu via Black Lake rental in Mongolia herders package, 23 in the morning on his way to Kanas, deviate from the direction of error to Haladoulegong area. When they walk the night did not find the direction, Hao Liting’s feet have frostbite walking speed more slowly, four decided to discuss the two men go ahead and find the man back to the rescue. I did not expect that this separation has completely lost contact. Two men in the 23 24 day tour pal climbing to the mountain called the police, the evening local police organized border police and Public Security Bureau police officers went to the Black Lake Scenic Area search. After a night of search and rescue, to 25 on the morning of 9, finally found the two report of the male tour pal. After asking to know there are two female tour pal missing. Rescued woman said eating grass to survive the Kanas scenic zone quickly organized public security, border police, forest management and protection station, herdsmen and rescue team forces again to rescue. In September 26th, the Kanas Scenic Area Weather shock, especially the Black Lake area, up to 10 cm of snow, with serious difficulties to the rescue work. Snow days, visibility is only 10 meters, each carrying rescue personnel ready to eat food for 3 days, lighter, three or four people into a team to search along the mountain carpet, night rest. In September 27th 21, the forestry bureau of forestry management station Haladoulegong station Ranger success to rescue another female tour pal Hao Liting. Due to the continuous cold and hungry, Hao Liting’s feet have been frozen. Hao Liting said: "we have been insisting on the 5 day, the food finished, we are hungry to find wild fruit, eat weeds, thirsty to drink water, but my feet have begun to bleed, walking more and more slowly. 27, 13 PM, we climbed up a mountainside, let Ann son said she went to look at the height of the terrain, let me come after, but I can not keep up, so scattered." The Kanas scenic area according to the clues provided by Hao Liting, the third organization of public security, frontier defense, forest police, edge guard, Rangers and local villagers were divided into 7 groups, focus on regional dragnet search, and sent a helicopter to assist in search and rescue work. In October 1st, the Kanas scenic area will expand the search and rescue forces to Haladoulegong, Halasu, Hala Heiya, Baishan Hu Le, Hong Leyike wood and other regions, the search range of up to nearly 200 square kilometers. A search and rescue team said: "for more than 100 helicopter search and rescue team put food, forestry bureau and police more than and 10 people by helicopter to continue walking mountain rescue." 15 people carrying the remains of walking 2 nets相关的主题文章:

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