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Yan good on the self willed? 90 to anti old lead: obviously 20 years time is the most wonderful time of life, and the value of all skin Yan beauty just good, how to be "old" to scare! 90 of us depends not only on the value of Yan and capricious, tips to firmly lock our youth. (source: Ruili nets) Yan good willed? 90 to begin anti old time always relentless urge people to be old, suddenly, 90 who has been called the world "old man". Obviously 20 years old is the most wonderful time in life, the skin and the value of everything is just beautiful beauty, how can be old to scare! 90 of us depends not only on the value of Yan and capricious, tips to firmly lock our youth. Point1: day and night skin care to protect the hands and feet due to the impact of the earth day and night, the skin in the day and night facing the environment is different, resulting in different skin problems and needs. During the day, the skin in the ultraviolet radiation, the spread of pollutants and air erosion under the metabolism, water loss, cell viability decreased, free radicals and melanin production. Therefore, the day skin care should focus on the need to add energy, wake up cells, for the skin to build a strong protective barrier. At night, reduce moisture loss, enhance skin absorption, 23 p.m. to 5 a.m. the skin cell growth and repair ability is particularly strong, cell division rate is about 8 times faster than during the day, can gradually eliminate free radicals, reduced secretion of sebaceous glands. Therefore, the focus should be placed on the night to relieve the damage and stress during the day, the use of gold repair time to repair the skin above, restore the health of the skin. Point2: "light" is the favorite TA 20+ 20+ skin skin condition, absorption, metabolism and repair ability are relatively strong, daily cleaning, do basic skin care moisturizing, moisturizing trilogy is enough, remember don’t stack high nutrition skin care products. Too rich in nutrients not only can not be absorbed by the skin, but also for the skin caused not a small burden, and then lead to a number of skin problems. Therefore, proper maintenance is the kingly way. High performance water, both conventional make-up water replenishment effect on the strong foundation of instant effect, add skin care cream ingredients more on the basis of this, the liquid quickly penetrate into deep skin, which has a more focused nursing efficacy. Point3: the three point line and plane point Qizhua open early anti-aging mode with the deterioration of the environment, not the law of the rhythm of life, our skin every day suffer from serious injuries, many people have appeared in advance the "premature" symptoms. Anti aging is no longer the exclusive 30 years old. You pay the maintenance of energy, the skin will be presented. Anti aging skin wrinkles as early as possible, once again, was too late to remedy. As the light of mature skin 20+, the best way is daily skin care collocation some simple massage, help the absorption of skin care products can also wake up skin cells of newborn, enhance the ability to update the metabolism, skin elasticity, anti-aging to preliminary.相关的主题文章:

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