Yantai fishing vessels in distress three sailors lost contact with the sea floating for seven days e-9c8836

Yantai: three crew lost fishing boats in distress at sea floating seven days and eventually rescued in November 10th, a ship carrying a crew of three fishing boats by waves, mechanical failure, loss of power, no communication equipment, unable to get in touch with the land. The afternoon of November 16th, Shengli Oilfield marine center victory 241 ship successfully rescued three crew members have been drifting for 7 days at sea. According to the "life circle" reported yesterday at 12:20, offshore oil shipping center of Shengli 241 ship received the dispatch room and the maritime sector rescue command, rushed to North East 6.6 ’38° 119° 13.96′, on a ship lost seven days of fishing boats and three crew in distress rescue implementation. At that time, the sea northwest winds up to 5 to 6, sea wave height of 1.5 meters, to bring great difficulties to the rescue ship. Boats in distress host failure, cable fault, ship hull damage, a little careless operation will cause the boat crash. Tianshui three meters into the crew of three rescued after winning 241 ship quickly close to the fishing boat in distress, smooth the rope traction to the fishing boat in distress, two twenty-five in the afternoon, 3 fishermen in distress on the fishing boats were rescued. Reporters learned that 3 fishermen in distress, age was about 40 years old, two were born in Zhanhua, a native of shouguang. Lost contact period, due to limited food, they did not enter the 3 Tianshui meters, the body is very weak, one of whom was injured in his left hand. Victory 241 boats immediately for the provision of hot water, food, medicines and arrange a rest place for the three fishermen in distress, at present, the crew of the body has returned to normal three. In the sea for a full seven days, can not contact with the outside world, but the rescue boat arrived in time to rescue the implementation of the hope that the three crew members to go home with their families, a good rest. Source: Shandong radio and television相关的主题文章:

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