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Yongjia Nanxi River, my trip [eleven] land of idyllic beauty special tourism Sohu – each person’s heart, have a "land of idyllic beauty". There are two in my mind, one is Tao Yuanming’s Youyang the Peach Garden, the other is Zhejiang, Yongjia, Wenzhou, Nanxi River. Nanxi River, originated in the northern Yongjia County West of the mountains. The name of Nanxi River, N legend, is a reliable said former Yongjia mountain richquality nanmu tree, which is a kind of high quality wood used by the royalty, known as the "golden forest". Around the low hills and mountains, dotted with large and small streams. These streams in a gushing Valley, merged into a river, so named for Nanxi River. The upper reaches of Nanxi River in the source and both sides have more than and 50 colorful waterfall, all sorts of strange things, both sides have 30 thousand acres of beach forest. Nanxi River through the north and south of Yongjia, the valley area of 2429 square kilometers, streams from north to south, at the end of Oujiang injection, flow to the East China sea. A total length of 145 kilometers of Nanxi River, with a total area of about 671 square kilometers of scenic spots, generally divided into Nanxi, rock, rock, if Taipingyan, Tan Xi, four seamounts, source seven scenic areas, a total of more than and 800 sites in seven scenic areas. The main attractions are: Dragon River ferries, Baizhangpu, Shimen Taiwan, hibiscus cliff three, cane Creek waterfall, twelve Feng, Tao Gongdong, cliff base, stone mast rock, Cangpo village, Furong Village, Sigiriya Lion Rock, Taipingyan, cliff base, Lishui street. In recent years, has opened Nanxi River water drifting on the water tourism attractions. So, tour of Nanxi River, not in Nanxi River for two days, Nanxi River did not enjoy "land of idyllic beauty" like life. Nanxi River traffic information: Highway: Yongjia has 3 railway stations to facilitate the arrival of YongJia Railway Station, WenZhou Railway Station, WenZhou South Railway Station. Just under the train, you have to turn to the bus or long-distance bus station to reach Nanxi River. Railway: Wenzhou territory G104, G330 two and nine provincial road through, and Yongtaiwen highway after. Self driving tourists can exit from Yongjia high-speed, high-speed Nanxi River. Hangzhou to Yongjia, the king of the district to take only 3 hours of high-speed. Aviation: Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport is located in Zhejiang Province, one of the three major cities in Wenzhou, Longwan, the country has a large and medium-sized cities (including Hongkong, Macao) and Wenzhou navigation. After the plane, the long-distance passenger lines, direct access to Nanxi River. Airport about 60 km away from the main scenic area of Nanxi River. When I was in the end of this summer, embarked on a trip to Nanxi River, has repeatedly passing through Yongjia County, never stop to take a careful look at the beauty of Nanxi River. Until this time in Nanxi River for two nights, only to see the Nanxi River Zhenrong, also can be found another "land of idyllic beauty". The first day of the trip: Nanxi River Sigiriya Lion Rock – Lishui night street – Nanxi River – Jun Lan don’t delicacy in Nanxi River Institute of the first impression, is the Sigiriya Lion Rock in Nanxi River. It is located in the Nan River area, is a rock town two days before Kawamura river lake in the island collectively. The water rock shore stations afar, resembles a lion 2相关的主题文章:

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