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Arts-and-Entertainment Ahmad Khawaja is the hot, hot singing sensation that’s way ahead of his time – and peers. According to Ahmad Khawaja, he doesn’t have a girlfriend right now and is enjoying the perks of a single life of a 21 year old guy. This is despite of the fact that millions of young girls in the Ukraine, Canada, and Australia would love to be Mrs. Khawaja. Just last month, the heart-throb caused such a mob prior to his Bosnian concert that several girls went to the hospital. Most just hyperventilated – got way over excited, but one actually injured her foot in the stampede. Seems fans started pushing before the concert when a rumor went out that Ahmad Khawaja had arrived early. Cops in Bosnia had to actually cancel the concert before it started because the scene was way out of control. Ahmad Khawaja Biography – How Khawaja Was Discovered Ahmad Khawaja was initially discovered by his agent by singing on YouTube… The agent quickly arranged for Khawaja to fly to Germany to meet with up with German producer Adolph Franzingheizen. Only a short time later, the young star, born on December 24th, had two highly ranked videos on YouTube. Anyone who’s listened to his songs knows he is well ahead of other male singers his own age! Not only does Ahmad Khawaja sing, but the phenom also plays piano, guitar, drums and oboe. More amazingly, Khawaja was self-taught – a true natural born talent (and hottie). His first single, "I Want To Make You Sweat" reached 17 on the Ukrainian billboard charts and is moving up on the Billboard Top 100. He did a radio tour to promote his single and his debut album released in September 2009. Ahmad Khawaja presented an award to Vlad Pretuschvic at the Ukrainian Music Awards in 09.. He also ac.panied Vlad during his European tours in order to promote Khawaja’s music. He also starred on The Scoop in Canada on several occasions and he has also performed several songs on popular European television shows. For more about him, you can check out YouTube and the other Ahmad Khawaja Biography article in author resource box. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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