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The media: China broadcasting occupied Vietnam public speakers was more authorities – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent Huang Heyue in Vietnam] "China radio occupied Vietnam public speaker", 29, "Vietnam Youth Daily" reported on this topic, in just this past weekend, the capital of Guangnan city. China radio signal interference Vietnam radio situation. Local emergency measures to deal with. According to the newspaper, a town of the city’s residents, on Saturday 11 pm, suddenly came the voice of China broadcasting loudspeakers in the local market. This situation lasted about half an hour. After receiving the situation, the Vietnamese authorities immediately sent technical personnel to take measures to suspend the broadcast of Chinese broadcasting signals. The local government said that this situation is caused by the interference of broadcast signal frequency. In addition to receiving a reflection of the market, the local number of other places are also similar. Hoi An City radio and television station will promptly report to the Municipal People’s congress. The chairman of the committee called for immediate action to stop interference and prevent such incidents from happening again. Will an city located in central Vietnam, 30 kilometers away from Da Nang coast, was the first station of the ancient Silk Road across the sea China exit after Vietnam, is the earliest chinatown. The young people’s Daily said that in May this year, the city will also be broadcast radio radio interference. But this is different, the interference lasted only 5 minutes, and the interference is completely unable to hear the noise. According to reports, the city will be broadcast television has been submitted to the local government budget for the purchase of noise filters. These filters will be installed throughout the city.相关的主题文章:

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