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Yue Yunpeng a fan of warmth and mutual indifference tear Guo Cao 28 noon, news: Zhejiang Ms. Chen Nanjing dining in a restaurant, lost a signature of Yue Yunpeng fans. To find the hotel, but found the waiter has been damaged after folding when the garbage. Miss Chen burst into tears, said it took some time to get to the signature. After mediation, the waiter Zhang paid 3000 yuan as compensation. Subsequently, Yue Yunpeng forwarded the news, the woman said: "don’t cry, please contact @ Zheng – fathers, I will send you a new signature fan. Hotel staff do not worry. Please contact @ Zheng – fathers, I will put the money to you. I am happy to have such a fan." A fan, a hotel waiter, and perhaps not worth the money, when the garbage is thrown, it is a piece of cake. However, for Yue Yunpeng’s fans Miss Chen, the fan has a signature of Yue Yunpeng. At first, in order to get the signature, but paid a primitive force ah! Not only significant, but also a long-term collection value. That this precious fan has been lost, never come back, that kind of sad, upset the mood is really not difficult to understand, Miss Chen is crying and the claim is also reasonable. Who knows love story inversion fast, The path winds along mountain ridges., dizzying. Yue Yunpeng got to know the sequence of events, quickly micro-blog said to Miss Chen to send a new signature fan, but also lost 3000 yuan to the hotel waiter. The whole event, to apply a common word in Yue Yunpeng’s comic dialogue: "my god! Really so magical?" Among the many disciples of Guo Degang, the name of the list is nowhere near the name of Yue Yunpeng. In Hubei satellite TV, "I’m crazy for comedy," the program, Yue Yunpeng and Yu Qian, who sat on the chair, became a net in the comic dialogue. At the moment in the limelight of Yue Yunpeng, can always pay attention to the audience, fans remember the well-being, sincere with understanding method to return the fans, in this autumn season, will undoubtedly bring a warmth to the public. On the other hand, Yue Yunpeng’s teacher, Guo Degang, can do a lot better than the apprentice. Recently bukekaijiao "Guo Cao tear", in addition to the already exposed two people’s indifference, has yet to see which is right and which is wrong. As a public figure, torn face, making for a long time, only some years of accumulated personal grudges, and old scores never confused. To be honest, who who who black money, the invoice is true or false, privately said to myself, the majority of the audience is interest, there is no energy to pay attention to these petty and stale gossip because of this, with everybody without a penny. I was firmly remember Guo Degang’s love on the stage to say: the audience is our God, to honor god! Realistically speaking, the audience is not as a God, it is nothing more than taking it out, but to do with the practical action. For example, calm down, carefully created the comic scripts, carefully to perform on the stage, in order to return the love of god. For example, to the audience, sincerely and Guang Wei相关的主题文章:

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