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"Yun Zhi" full moon wells or uncovering fanyao ending   flow mountain battle will go to war — Guangxi channel — original title: "Yun Zhi" full moon wells or uncovering fanyao ending battle mountain wave will go to war produced by Huan Rui century, according to Xiao Ding novel, Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying, Yang Zi, Cheng Yi, Qin Junjie starred in the TV series "Qingyun Zhi" in Hunan satellite TV, every Sunday to Tuesday at 22 p.m. two free. Tencent video, mango TV every Monday to Thursday night 20 members in advance to see a set. This week, Li Yifeng played Zhang Xiaofan and Zhao Liying played together into the hole in Baguio Blackstone, who will support small flames of Baguio in the arms, to finally move back to the rescue of Baguio Baguio memories. While users are very looking forward to "full moon wells" will also debut this week, the time of the full moon, full moon, the two meet the well, but the accident in wells saw Xiao sword at Baguio, see this scene Xiaofan clinging to Baguio, the heart also secretly decided to leave the baguio. In the wave Mojiao mountain, Xiao and Lu Xueqi (Yang Zishi) in the life to travel together, are two magic together, a war will begin, and send the body exposed Xiaofan exercises, waiting for him and what is it? Zhao Liying remember fanyao wells full moon embracing Li Yifeng like see the end let go this week in Hunan TV drama, where Yao development is striking one snag after another. Blackstone cave, two people suffered fire, Xiaofan lives at risk, hold back the Baguio Baguio, finally small memory, two people together after the return to the small town to do personally Xiaofan buns Baguio Baguio, when he was finally told him he saved. After fanyao experience many hardships once again made of sugar, so many fans shouted: "I want to use ten buns for my fanyao candy." But then from the full moon in Baguio Xiaofan foreseen for their sacrifice at the sword, surprised one hugged baguio. Don’t want to leave the true picture Xiaofan decided to fanyao, a "package" a sweet but five minutes again unexpectedly speed open child. On the other side, Lu Xueqi in life with small back Qingyun, but who told division in addition to mole, Xueqi would choose to believe him? A small town adventure striking one snag after another easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi play outstanding praise for this week, when they sought to find a mysterious fire in the Blackstone hole deep poisoning six tail (Ren Jialun ornaments), three tail (Tang Jingmei) stole a mysterious fire in the original otherwise. On the one hand, the people rescued six tail to enter the heart, on the other hand, resist incense Valley pursuit, with concerted efforts, Mio and the six Tailed Fox touching feelings will have what the outcome? And they left the Blackstone hole after a small town storm again, Li Xun (Pu Shuoshi) to obtain a mysterious fire warning, unexpectedly and horse together. Yi Xi smelt one thousand seven as the fox was seized in crisis, whether successful turnaround affects people. It was the first time in Xian Xia drama, but the show got a thousand Yuxi director full affirmation. Especially a lot of martial arts scenes, because thousands of Yuxi strong dance skills, shooting up more handy. When he spoke of his own life, the eyes of the grievance revealed so many viewers feel distressed. With the small town near the end of the text, but also easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi)相关的主题文章:

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