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Zhang Lunshuo: between mother and daughter daughter-in-law Sha Yi will attend the wedding of Zhang Lunshuo to Christy Chung Sina entertainment news November 8th, the age difference between Zhang Lunshuo and Christy Chung [micro-blog] 12 years will usher in their wedding. This female high and low men’s love was exposed at the beginning of the marriage, there is much outside attention. Yesterday, Zhang Lunshuo accepted the media interview with WeChat. Turning to the preparations for the wedding, Zhang Lunshuo said he was looking forward to tension. In addition, Zhang Lunshuo also revealed that Sha Yi [micro-blog], [micro-blog] and other friends will attend the wedding held in Beijing. And when asked about the child, the prospective groom Zhang Lunshuo said that the two of them are more open attitude, will not resist the baby regeneration. During the interview, Zhang Lunshuo and reporters to share a lot of wedding details. Zhang Lunshuo said the girl by her three daughters as a bridesmaid, by relatives and friends as not to invite a lot of friends together to participate in the "artist, but where Dad Sha Yi will attend the 4". Previously, Christy Chung had revealed that friends will be performing at the scene of Rosamund Kwan. This Jiedi final fruition, also thank the parents of Zhang Lunshuo enlightened. So, in the face of Zhang Lunshuo ‘wife and mother who fell into the water to save the "problem of this century, to show his outspoken attitude to law issues," my wife is a very mature and kind-hearted woman, my mother is also very generous, they have no problem. Of course, if there is any problem, I will be very neutral to solve, but I believe I am still in my daughter-in-law." (Intern Su Yewen) (commissioning editor: Allen)相关的主题文章:

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