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Zhang Xiaoguang remains farewell ceremony was held at the scene of friends and relatives and the stars in September 21st, a disciple of the high school in Fuxin, Zhangwu, a high-speed charge at the mouth of the motorcycle driving rod was killed by the death of Mr. Zhang Xiaoguang, Zhao Benshan. 23 days 7 when 05 points, Zhang Xiaoguang farewell ceremony held in the funeral home area in Shenyang City, all the relatives and the star turn to bid farewell. 6 am, as the brother of Zhang Xiaofei took his family to do the funeral home after the funeral of Zhang Xiaoguang. Since then, the media President Ma Ruidong, Tang Tiejun also went to the scene. Wang Xiaoli always help beside Zhang Xiaofei, in addition to play long expensive Wang Xiaobao, Zhao Haiyan, Yan Guangming and his wife, Zhao Si Wang Xiaohu, who plays Liu Xiaoguang, the wife of Zhang Ke, Yang Bing’s wife fat ya, wensong many in Shenyang and brother actor to bid farewell to Zhang Xiaoguang. Can’t back in the farewell ceremony such as Song Xiaobao, Xiao Shenyang brothers are called Zhang Yao, micro-blog on the expression of brother died of grief. The farewell ceremony at the end of the body, Zhang Xiaofei eyes with tears, thank friends. According to the media before the trade union chairman Mr. Wu said in an interview: "the family was killed in an accident, but for his family is a very big blow. Excessive interpretation of the outside world, only to those who are in sorrow to two injuries. So, all of us to bid farewell to Zhang Xiaoguang, hope this thing with his departure so far. Death is a great man, I hope he will be safe." Zhao Benshan. Zhang Xiaoguang, farewell Shenyang today held a number of senior.相关的主题文章:

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