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Zhang Xiaolong: KPI should not be considered the starting point of the problem – Sohu science and technology HAY! 16 tickets when you are invited to participate in HAY! Digital Cultural Carnival 16. NASA, chief scientist of today’s headlines Zhang Yiming, the popular designer Zhou Ping, Qingshan gold clothing ant chief data scientist, BiliBili chairman…… 50 guests at home and abroad on November 4-5, Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, see! Long press the identification of the following two-dimensional code registration: identification of two-dimensional code can get access to welfare tickets! HAY! The 16 super hybrid field one-day ticket giveaway! (the value of 299 yuan, number of optional) you see what the tears? WeChat group (WXG) within each year of hosting a "Leadership Conference", in October 26, 2016, the Tencent group senior executive vice president, WeChat group president Zhang Xiaolong delivered a speech at the meeting, according to past examples of thinking of your product and management. Zhang Xiaolong put forward two points of view: 1.KPI is a by-product of the product, the product is done, KPI naturally reached. Think of ways to make the user easy to enjoy, and KPI will naturally finish. Really from the user point of view to consider the issue, rather than the completion of the KPI perspective. 2 with a small team to ensure agility, fast on-line, rapid verification, rapid correction. With the full text of the speech: you WXG (WeChat group) colleagues, good morning! Our annual leadership conference. As we all know, we WeChat team expansion is still relatively fast, there are more than 1 thousand and 500 people. In this regard, last night I had a chat with Tony, we have a big worry is that, when a team size especially when big, a lot of behavior will enter a "organization" behavior, in order to maintain some of the characteristics of their good will become very not easy. Here, I told everyone especially recommend a book, called "human history". Just the thought of this book, because the book reveals something out, for example, he said that when human beings in the ancient period, either a village of only 150 people, because there was no language as a tool, once more than 150 people, there is no way to hold up a group of people. You imagine, if there is no language tools, there is only a very simple way of communication. So he said, our memory is only suitable for dealing with interpersonal relationships within 150 people, once more than 150 people, it becomes a social organization. This time is not very comfortable for the individual, more than his comfort zone. When more than 150 people, this time depends on a language ability, imagination or a rule of imagination to maintain this relationship. We are in such a transitional phase, when we have more than 150 people, our organization has been completely different. I remember when I was in Nantong, including a lot of my colleagues from Nantong, there was a very deep load相关的主题文章:

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