Zhang Xinyu was black dew smile disrespect Qiao Renliang helpless don’t kidnap-stand by me shinee

Zhang Xinyu was black roshow disrespect Qiao Renliang helpless: don’t kidnap Zhang Xinyu Zhang Xinyu at the airport to delete micro-blog Sina entertainment news September 22nd [micro-blog] Qiao Renliang memorial service will be held in Shanghai, the circle of friends have arrived at the scene to see off Qiao Renliang Kimi. The media reported that Zhang Xinyu [micro-blog] in the memorial service, arrived at the airport with a smile, the news caused netizens to Zhang Xinyu’s criticism and criticism. On the afternoon of September 22nd, Zhang Xinyu sent a document to respond to his fans and just waved a smile waving goodbye. She could not help choking back friends: simple process, was not fit to be seen, can be called? Can’t you think people are so vicious?" Then she cut the micro-blog. Zhang Xinyu wrote: "yesterday I a person arrived at Shanghai airport, long time no see the master to pick up, and I greeted him, some of the girls said so long on the road, hoping to photograph, I and one of the girls had a photo. When they left, they said, "take good care of yourself, Xin Yu." I responded with a smiling face and waved away." At the same time, netizens were shelling Zhang Xinyu could not help choking back: "the simple process was not fit to be seen, can be called? Can’t you think people are so vicious? I don’t want to explain these boring things, but people will be more and more sensitive, can not scold it? Don’t you curse? Don’t you kidnap?" However, then the micro-blog immediately deleted. (Intern Allen) (commissioning editor: shining)相关的主题文章:

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