Zhang Yixing strong screen full screen hanging open record breaking high popularity (video) pullip

Zhang Yixing strong comprehensive screen hanging open record breaking witness high popularity [Abstract]2016 years is a Zhang Yixing screen, not only the film song full hanging open, the commercial value of the data through the guards repeatedly broke the record sales of brand visual display. Zhang Yixing Tencent entertainment news the day before, Zhang Yixing to participate in a live brand spokesperson, within seven days of video playback volume totaled up to about 20000000 comments, praise, viewing and interaction are a whole category of interactive live a business first, direct sales breakthrough million, sales day after double eleven, as a classic success in "2015 China cosmetics top 100 chain conference" "business forum to share. At the same time, Zhang Yixing in a traditional brand washing liquid endorsement of live events, bring Nitian data for the brand. Not only live broadcast 5 million 700 thousand times, PV24 million, breaking the record and live broadcast business, the day before the start, had harvested nearly 5 million points like the amount, as of the day at 4:30 in the afternoon, for a total of 16 million 900 thousand points like; day brand explosion models sold more than 5778 sets; single ring powder over 40 thousand, the studio brand attention is straight rose. 2016 is a Zhang Yixing screen, not only the film song full hanging open, the commercial value of the data repeatedly broke the record against the brand sales of visual display. From the beginning of April May, the "ultimate challenge" to "the good gentleman" is the hit TV series "old nine door", continuous strong screen 6 months Zhang Yixing became a frequent visitor to the hot search list, off the National Opera boom. At the same time, the group returned to the album and then break millions of sales, many fields he has become the most influential artists. The edge of "play" Zhang Yixing should learn Freemasonry Hao Ming相关的主题文章:

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