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Zhu Dan exposes Chen Daoming "criticism" ridicule "China Hua Fei" "inheritance of images", Zhu Danzhu Chinese Dan China Tencent entertainment reality show "the cultural heritage Chinese image" newest issue on Sunday in Beijing satellite TV broadcast. The same day, as one of the literary observers Zhu Dan elegant debut. In the program, Zhu Dan not only had to admit "criticism" by Chen Daoming, dressed in costumes of the scene more ridicule less "Hua Fei", making the audience laugh constantly. Zhu Dan exposes Chen Daoming "criticism" straightforwardness ". Miss" has a gentle mianshou program "Fayuan Temple of Beijing" after the end of the show, as a friend of Chen Daoming Jia Yiping by four observers the performer’s attention. After learning that the two friends relationship, Zhu Dan Chen Daoming was exposed to the scene was criticized and asked whether he had the same experience in the past, but also in the past, there is no doubt that the relationship between the is a good friend. Then Zhu Dan said: "Mr Chen’s advice is always very direct point". Thus, although it is said to be dissatisfied with the mouth was criticized, but the heart is respect, recognition and an open mind to accept, so that more people can not help but feel like Zhu Dan. Followed by the program, much of the world’s major music awards favored women’s twelve music square gorgeous return for the audience dedicated to a Chinese national tradition and popular modern elements of the integration of audio-visual feast. Comment on the link, Zhu Dan said: the performance of the musical instruments of this kind of beauty and temperament is what women need to learn and feel". It seems that even in the stage of life usually lielie, reckless and cheerful "miss Zhu Dan." there is a quiet woman’s heart. Many users have said; "looking forward to the two Miss instruments show". Zhu Dan teased Hua Shaocheng Hua Fei stunning exquisite costumes to conceal the girl heart program in the process of Meipaidi three generation Huwenge classic articles "Drunken Beauty" stunning debut, won audience praise. Zhu Dan was more shocked by the beauty of Peking opera costumes, in the artist Hu Wenge told the master of the clothing of the master, the serious listening to the president, but also from time to time to show the lovely expression, showing a deep sense of the young girl’s heart in the heart of the world, and when she told the story of the master of the costumes of the master of the Chinese opera, when she told the story of the master of the world, he was able to listen to the master of the costume of the great master of the. Then little more turned "Yang", the dress is the beauty of wine, but is instant friend Zhu Dan joked: "little change" naughty Hua Fei "Scene attracted a burst of laughter. Learning music movement in China, Zhu Dan also did not forget to "abandon" said: "this is the smell of you little finger", cute. Two worlds so interactive, full of love. More netizens ridicule: "humor is used to abandon the friends!" The classic opera "three forks" basic skills did not stop China guards相关的主题文章:

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