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"Zhu Shuanzhong" live hot his emotional problems cited concern – whirling actor Zhu Shuanzhong Zhu Shuanzhong from Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news by director Zhang Yongxin, Wang Zhifei, Zhu Shuanzhong starred in the TV series "live" CCTV being hit in the play as the main line to 844000 Baotou North beam area, describes the relocation process of the government and the people from the friction, misunderstanding? Force concentric, realizing harmonious relocation, let people live and work in peace story. Attached to the gas theme, all starring hard performance won numerous audience acceptance and love, ratings soared. In addition to 844000 caused concern, Wang Zhifei, Zhu Shuanzhong, Liu Mintao, the three main characters of the emotional problems are also popular audience curiosity, as the latest story, often wrong in the work of Zhang Jiaqi (Wang Zhifei ornaments) often criticized and questioned by the leadership, supervisor and his ex-wife Han Bing (Liu Mintao ornaments) although sharp criticism but blame behind is often to help, or even find two friends of Wei Chuan (Zhu Shuanzhong ornaments) to help. From the point of view of Wei Chuan’s reaction, the relationship between the three seems to be some subtle danger, although not fear punishment criticism to help Zhang Jiaqi, but Wei Chuan Zhang’s help to Han Bing that Zhu Shuanzhong is quite critical, nuanced expression and manner seemed to tell the audience that it was not so simple! In the end between three people in addition to classmates and friends will not have other relations aroused the audience’s curiosity. Wei Chuan Zhu Shuanzhong and played with wonderful interpretation and detailed micro expressions of the audience look foggy, sometimes think Wei Chuan crush on Han Bing and it didn’t feel like it, let the audience can not help but to love and hate, curiosity. From "if life deceive you" to "husband" to "divorce lawyer" to "tiger mother cat dad", during his nearly 20 years Zhu Shuanzhong with many years of grinding good acting to the audience a true to life Wei Sichuan also brought out a complex tangle of feelings. Only static, such as the subsequent development of the story, and look forward to Zhu Shuanzhong feelings open!相关的主题文章:

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