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Zong Ning: Mobile bigwigs who eat a meal is not black? Millet technology – Sohu glory again, common anti banner of national industry, the domestic mobile phone to go out of the country in the world to move on? I don’t think it’s that simple. The annual Wuzhen Internet Conference, there will be a very famous dinner, Ding Lei is the host, please Lord gangster eat pork. After seeing this year’s party, a lot of people are asking, what’s the difference? From my point of view, this year, a lot of the mobile phone to do. For example, Yu Chengdong on behalf of the HUAWEI mobile phone, mobile phone on behalf of Zhao Ming glory, Zhou Hong? There are 360 mobile phone, mobile phone millet Lei Jun, Yang Yuanqing this year is mainly recommended for his Moto Z mobile phone, is the hero of mutual entertainment should book ridge, is also a mobile phone person, so, I think this year’s dinner, the meeting of wind and clouds of mobile phone still, the most obvious. Micro-blog in the hair of the link, in fact, also means that competition is quite thick, Cao Guowei hair of the micro-blog is: poly Wuzhen. Moto Z shooting, should ask Yang Yuanqing to send a." Yang Yuanqingfa’s micro-blog is, third years gathering, circle of friends is getting bigger and bigger, with a gift to everyone Moto Z to the party, came in handy. Ding Lei’s pork on the table. Also, @ Cao Guowei didn’t miss Yang Zhiyuan this time." Moto Z to do the advertising, but also the glory of Zhao Ming micro-blog bursts of 4 Zhang not resigned to playing second fiddle, dinner scene graph, and called "Wuzhen banquet, mobile phone photo competition, this is the glory of # 8#". Can let the big brothers are so spell advertising, and only the mobile phone industry. All this infighting in micro-blog, at the dinner, but do not know how it is. So we have the glint and flash of cold steel, have speculated that these machine chiefs would be what to say at the dinner, there is no arguing with each other. However, the reporter finally caught the glory of CEO Zhao Ming, asked him exactly what he said at the meeting, there is no conflict and Lei Jun. Zhao Ming said, this dinner is very meaningful, and ray always reached many consensus, competition is a normal benign competition, everyone is around a common goal in advance, are in the manufacture of endorsement for China. Whether or not this is beautiful, but to see they do not fight it is true, but then someone said, because the site to discuss mobile phone discussion is too fierce, so we asked not to discuss the mobile phone to give up. However, from the point of view of the expression of the family, we have reached a consensus, the Chinese market is big, but it is only 30%, as well as a market of overseas in the 70%, this is the ultimate battlefield for everyone to compete. This sentence is Yang Yuanqing said, I believe that HUAWEI and glory also agreed, but Ray always sounds, may not be taste, after all, millet encountered many bottlenecks in intellectual property, Moto born in the United States, HUAWEI and glory have many patent exchange based in Europe and the United States is selling fast millet, is still only in the India market, I believe that this is where he is very depressed. This year, 11 double, glory and millet sales still bite very tight, not to mention a single brush rumors, single from.相关的主题文章:

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